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Staff and their lovable pets

May 22, 2014 Pet Travel

Staff and our lovable pets Staff and our lovable pets

Our team at Eurotunnel Le Shuttle are devoted pet-lovers so we spoke to some of our staff to find out their 'tails' and how they spend their time together both at home and aboard.

Christèle and Fizzy

Fizzy is an adorable three year-old Maltese, owned by Christèle Altazin, our Commercial Business Support Manager. Being raised in a bilingual home in France has made Fizzy very intelligent - she understands commands and calls in both English and French! Judging from the photo, this bright spark is no stranger to the camera and enjoys striking a pose.

"Fizzy and I love heading to Kent for a relaxing weekend away. We often take in the beautiful surroundings of Leeds Castle, go shopping in Canterbury and visit the antique shops in Tenterden.

It's an easy 35 minute journey between Calais and Folkestone, but Fizzy always wants to take advantage of the exercise areas and stretch her paws before boarding!"

Lydia and Gracie

You'll find Lydia Chestnut at our Customer Service and Ticket Desk in the Victor Hugo Building, but at home she'll be with Gracie, her two year-old Cockapoo. Gracie loves to get her paws muddy – she enjoys going on long walkies and adventures with Lydia and her family. Gracie also looks forward to the weekend, when she's allowed her own portion of Sunday roast dinner!

Christèle and Fizzy
Lydia and Gracie

"Gracie and I have been on many trips to the beach and on countryside walks in the Pas de Calais region.  It's so quick and easy to pop over and Gracie doesn't get stressed out in the familiar surroundings of the car. We're able to stay together and chill out, it's great as she doesn't get affected by sea-sickness, which is a bonus."

Chris, Blue, Becks and little Leo

This trio of agile Border Collies belongs to Chris Johnson, our Property Services Manager. They may look similar but each pooch has their own unique personality!

Christèle and Fizzy
Chris, Blue, Becks and little Leo

Four year-old Blue loves playtime; he adores playing ball games with Chris, but only on dry land as he won't get his paws wet!

One year-old Leo, the baby of the group, is the most mischievous. He loves a good run around but rarely does what he is told! Becks, who at nine years-old is the oldest, loves running in and out of the waves at the beach. All three dogs adore adventures in Chris's 1963 Land Rover.

"The dogs are always included in our trips to the continent. The last time we went with the whole family to Normandy for Christmas and New Year – the holiday wouldn't have been complete without our pets!

They enjoy travelling on-board the shuttle as they are able to stay with us inside the car for the short journey, which makes all the difference."

Geoff, Elphie and Glinda

Geoff Taylor adopted his two lovable dogs from a local rescue centre. When Geoff, who is our Passenger Operations and Performance Manager, learnt that the pair had been found together, he did not have the heart to split them up and took them in together. Geoff's daughter, a huge theatre fan, named the two pooches Glinda and Elphie after the witches from the musical, Wicked.

Geoff, Elphie and Glinda
Geoff, Elphie and Glinda

Elphie and Glinda are inseparable – both love cuddles and attention and are often found together on the sofa! Glinda, who is a longhaired Jack Russell/Yorkshire terrier and Elphie who is a Chihuahua/Jack Russell, were about two years old when they were introduced to the Taylor family home.

"We enjoy travelling to France and across the continent with our pets as it's a quick and easy journey. We have already planned our next pet friendly break to Burgundy this summer!"

Author: Deborah Elliott - Senior Product Manager
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