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Champagne-Ardenne, France

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Champagne-Ardenne Experiences

You can always find a good reason to visit Champagne-Ardenne.

The region stretches from the Belgian border to Burgundy and is rich in culture and heritage with magnificent places not to be missed. In Reims there's the Unesco listed Cathedral, Troyes with its picturesque medieval alleys, the biggest fortified castle in Europe at Sedan, the studio of Renoir in Essoyes and the new memorial to General de Gaulle in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises.

In Champagne-Ardenne the art of living and gastronomy make the perfect match. The local cuisine with its refined delicacies will give your taste buds a treat and the Champagne Route offers the chance to meet winemakers who will share the secrets of the 'Kings' wine. In Epernay along its Champagne Avenue you can visit the miles of cellars dug into the chalk and enjoy high quality, branded Champagnes.

The region's natural beauty will enchant you. With the meandering River Meuse, deep valleys in the Ardennes hills, the great lakes between Saint-Dizier and Troyes and hiking trails going deep into the forests, there's something to attract everyone who enjoys nature in a protected environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to Champagne-Ardenne!

Getting there and around

You can always find a good reason to visit Champagne-Ardenne.

Just a 3 hours drive on the motorway from Eurotunnel's Calais Terminal.

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