Chateau de Cocove

Chateau de Cocove

Dine in style at this elegant 18th century Château.

Experience "la vie de Château"

Château de Cocove is set in beautiful woodland grounds in the rolling hills near the village of Recques sur Hem, it is nestled near the coast, sandy beaches, capes and the Regional Nature Park. The Château is open all year round.

Château de Cocove is the first French château encountered when coming from England and the last when leaving France and is ideally located between Calais and Saint-Omer, 2km from Junction 2 of the A26 motorway. It is the perfect place to stay and stop for a meal.

If you like comfort and charm in a peaceful setting you will love the 22 guest rooms in the Château and the 3 pavilions.

The place is relaxing, restful and peaceful.

Wine Cellars

Wine and champagne connoisseurs will enjoy visiting the cellars and tasting some fine wines*. The perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a few good bottles of wine at cellar prices.

*Enjoy alcohol in moderation

Fresh goat's cheese with herbs
Water melon
Iberian salami with spiced coulis
Roasted lamb
Vegetable couscous, bulgur
Arctic char
Baby broad beans, red onions with 'lie de vin' sauce
Young free-range guinea fowl
with cherries and corn pancake
Spiced cauliflower with citrus sauce
A la Carte dessert

Getting there and around

Just a 30 minute drive from our Calais Terminal

Avenue de Cocove
62890 Recques sur Hem
Tél : +33 (0)3 21 82 68 29

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