Carbon counter

Eurotunnel shuttle
= 175 kg CO 2 on average
per crossing 1
Calais-Dover ferry
= 15 550 kgCO 2 on average
per crossing 1

Calculate the average amount of CO2 emissions saved when choosing to cross the Channel with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle.

Enter the number of crossings with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle
(1 return trip makes 2 crossings):


1 This data comes from a study carried out by a specialist consultancy JMJ Conseil who were appointed by Eurotunnel to draw up comparisons between the average CO2 emissions and other polluants attributable to Eurotunnel and the ferries freight/tourist traffic on the Straits of Dover for the year 2009 and first half of 2010.!

Moreover, thanks to its geographical location, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle terminal is just off the M20 motorway which can save up to 25 km to your journey. With less fuel consumption, customers benefit from a further reduction of 20 kg of CO2 emissions.

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