July 22, 2015

Explore France with your pooch

So, you've decided to take your dogs on holiday to France, but you're not sure where to go or what to do? Don't worry, as we've selected a few of the best places to soak up the French culture with your dog. While museums and galleries are off the table, there are plenty of fantastic outdoor attractions that are perfect for the summer and autumn months.


If you want to experience some of France's rich history, the walled city of Carcassonne is a great place to visit. This historic city is located in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon in the south of France, and is famous for the walls that surround it, as well as its UNESCO-listed medieval fortress. The Cité de Carcassonne fortress is the second most popular attraction in France (after the Eiffel Tower), with tourists coming from all over the world to witness its magnificence, but the city itself is also a beautiful sight to behold.

The best way to explore this medieval city is on foot, which is great news for you and your furry friend. Stroll through the picturesque cobbled streets, stopping off for lunch at a restaurant or pausing on a bench to take in your surroundings, and then make your way to the Canal du Midi. Here you can walk along the bankside trail, which provides a pretty walk for both you and your pet as you enjoy the autumn leaves on the trees that line the canal.

Take a dog walk along the beautiful Canal du Midi in Carcassonne

Annecy Market

Markets are a big part of French culture, and in almost every town you'll find some form of market during the week. Whether it's mouth-watering food markets, rustic antique markets or bargain-filled second hand markets, they're all bustling hives of activity. When travelling with your dog, we'd recommend visiting markets of the non-food variety, as some food markets prohibit animals.

Annecy Market takes place on the last Saturday of the month, in the lakeside town of Annecy. You can find this traditional flea market in the old quarter, where you can enjoy breath-taking views of Lac d'Annecy and the mountains that surround it. Shop for traditional French homewares, including butter moulds and milk jugs, and other more unlikely items, such as skis and armoires. Once you've finished shopping, you can take a walk along the lakeside track - your dog will love it!

Visit the market and then wander along the Thiou canal in Annecy

Tuileries Gardens

The Tuileries Gardens - or Jardin des Tuileries, in French - are located in the heart of Paris, between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre Museum. These famous gardens are recognised all over the world for the beautifully maintained greenery, spectacular statues and wonderful ponds. It's a popular place for tourists and residents alike, with many people meeting here for lunch.

Although many parks in Paris prohibit animals, the Tuileries Gardens have two areas which are allocated to dogs. These two elevated sections, one to the north of the gardens and one to the south, are open all year round for dog walkers. Take your pooch for a walk in the south section and enjoy views of the Seine River, or walk in the north and look out to Rue de Rivoli, one of the most famous streets in Paris.

Getting to France with your dog

Travel from Folkestone with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and you'll arrive in Calais just 35 minutes later. Don't forget to bring the pet's passports!

Photo Credits:
Explore France with your pooch - Image by Flickr user David Locke
Take in the view from the Cité de Carcassonne fortress - Image by Flickr user Vicki Burton
Take a dog walk along the beautiful Canal du Midi in Carcassonne - Image by Flickr user Rob Glover
Visit the market and then wander along the Thiou canal in Annecy - Image by Flickr user Kosala Bandara
Explore the picturesque Lac d'Annecy - Image by Flickr user Guilhem Vellut

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