July 22, 2015

Enjoy a picnic with your dog in the beautiful French countryside

If you're a dog owner, going on holiday without your pooch is like leaving a member of your family behind. Not only do you have to find them a temporary home, but you're bound to miss having them around. With Eurotunnel Le Shuttle you don't have to leave your four-legged friend behind, all they need is a pet passport and a return pass across the Channel.

Once in France, there are plenty of dog-friendly attractions, eateries, outdoor activities and dog-related events - you just have to be in the know! To help you plan your next holiday to France, we've created a doggy dining guide, so you can spend mealtimes with the whole family.


In the UK, it's unheard of to take a dog into a restaurant or café, but in France it's a whole other story. In many cities, particularly in Paris, dogs are treated like royalty and are welcomed with open arms by a large proportion of eateries. Of course, you shouldn't attempt to take your dog into a michelin-starred restaurant, but the local bistro, brasserie or bakery should be absolutely fine. However, it's a good idea to look out for signs that say "chiens interdits" (no dogs allowed) or something similar. Always keep your dog on their leash and, if your dog's small enough, place him or her on your lap so they're not in the way of wait staff or other customers.

La Voile Bleue restaurant is located in the seaside commune of La Grande-Motte and is a great place to take your dog. This dog friendly eatery offers beautiful views out onto the ocean, accompanied by some of the freshest seafood you'll ever eat.

 Doggy dining 1
Feast on fresh seafood at the dog friendly La Voile Bleue

Outside seating

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding where to eat with your dog is its size. While small to medium sized dogs are easily accommodated by eateries, you're likely to have more trouble with a larger dog. If the eatery has an outside seating area, you may be in luck. Most places that offer an outside seating area, whether it's street facing tables or a spacious courtyard, will allow you and your pooch to settle down for a meal. Lots of places will even provide a doggy water bowl, so your furry friend can stay cool and refreshed. Just make sure your dog doesn't try to join in with other customers' tables, as you could have disgruntled diners on your hands.

Cafe de l'industrie is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat if you're visiting Paris. Take a seat at one of the outside tables and choose from the wonderful French cuisine on offer.

 Doggy dining 2
Outside seating areas are fantastic for dogs


If you'd rather be outside enjoying the beautiful French scenery, a picnic is always a good choice. Pick up some bread from the bakery, head to a fromagerie for a selection of cheeses and grab a bottle of wine from a wine cellar, supermarket or corner shop. Then, all you need to do is find a nice spot to sit. It's important to remember that many city parks don't allow dogs, and even if they did, they're often prohibited from going on the grass. If you're in Paris, take a seat along the River Seine and enjoy the view as you eat, for the ultimate French dining experience. If you're visiting the countryside, you and your dog will be spoilt for choice. There's nothing better than eating local produce while in the area where it was produced.

Normandy in northern France has some beautiful and unusual picnic spots for you and your dog. Settle down atop the white chalk cliffs, or make your way to the island village of Le Mont Saint Michel .

 Doggy dining 3
Relax in the beautiful French countryside with a picnic

Getting there

Start planning a holiday for the whole family Eurotunnel Le Shuttle . You can get from Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes and be chowing down on delicious food before you know it.

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Enjoy a picnic with your dog in the beautiful French countryside - Image by Flickr user Michael Gil
Feast on fresh seafood at the dog friendly La Voile Bleue - Image by Flickr user sabin paul croce
Outside seating areas are fantastic for dogs - Image by Flickr user anoldent
Relax in the beautiful French countryside with a picnic - Image by Flickr user Nahid V

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