June 4, 2014

The beautiful, coastal city of San Sebastián not only offers stunning beaches, wondrous architecture and fascinating culture, it's also the birthplace of the Basque Gastronomical Society and home to some of the best restaurants in the world. I always jump at the chance to visit San Sebastián with my family, and as a true foodie, I love nothing more than to wander the streets, taking in the smells of amazing culinary creations.  What's more, after a quick 35-minute journey with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle , San Sebastián is a ten-hour, delightfully scenic drive through Paris and Bordeaux.

Explore culinary delights at the local markets

With so much great food being produced in the kitchens of San Sebastián, it is no surprise that the local food markets offer an abundance of delicious and fresh cuisine. Chefs and restaurateurs frequently flock to the best of the city's food markets, with La Brexta and San Martin taking the lead. La Brexta is a market located in San Sebastián's old town, an area of the city where charming architecture lines the streets. Sample Basque delicacies, and shop for fruit, veg and locally sourced meat and fish from this quaint area of the city. If you're looking for something a little more upmarket then San Martin is more likely to better suit your needs.

Michelin-starred dining

San Sebastián boasts nine different Michelin-starred restaurants, offering locals and holidaymakers a whole host of delicious, amazing food to enjoy. If you're looking to splurge on a lavish meal, then be sure to try Arzak, a restaurant that offers innovative reworkings of Basque country classics.

 Arzak image 1

Owned and run by father and daughter, Juan Mari Arzak and Elena Arsak Espina, this local gem of a restaurant has been awarded an impressive three Michelin stars, and provides diners with the chance to experience Basque fare at its finest. Be sure try out Arzak's star dish of squid with onion and lemon sauce.

Nibble on pintxos and tapas

Not only is San Sebastián home to top Michelin-starred restaurants, it also lays claim to hundreds of amazing tapas and pintxos bars, which are perfect for when you and your family are feeling peckish.

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A great place to visit for lunch is Hidalgo 56, a fantastic little restaurant in the Gros district of San Sebastián that is renowned for its fabulous food, and has even won the Masgastronomia Award for best pintxos bar in 2012. Sample the volcano sausage with egg, raisins and apple, and tantalise your taste buds with beef Carpaccio, served with arugula, pine nuts and creamy, local cheese.

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San Sebastián wine

If you're a lover of fine wine, then you're in for a treat. Bottles and bottles of luxury, vintage wines line the cellars of the city's restaurants. Try a glass of the dry, white Txakoli wine of Spain's Basque Country; the perfect accompaniment for a locally sourced seafood dish. If you prefer red, enjoy the rich and robust flavours of a glass of Rioja Alavesa, another wonderfully elegant wine from the Basque Country that is bound to go down well.

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San Sebastian

Feeling hungry?

If reading about the mouth-watering dishes and top quality restaurants of San Sebastián has got you feeling hungry, then why not visit this gastronomical city yourself? After a speedy 35-minute journey from the UK to France with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle , San Sebastián is just one picturesque ten-hour drive away.  So make the trip, and before you know it you'll celebrating this Spanish city's culinary innovation with a plate of pintxos, and a glass of red.

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