February 21, 2017

Discover the Unique Beauty of the Alps Discover the Unique Beauty of the Alps

Snowboarders and skiers flock to the Alps, ready to experience that adrenaline explosion as they soar through the air. But, if prepping for the Winter Olympics isn’t exactly your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of exciting activities to do when holidaying on the Alps.

The Alps: What do I Need to Know?

The Alps are the largest mountain range in Europe, stretching for 1,200km. They make their way through Alpine countries like Austria, France, Germany, Monaco and Switzerland. When you picture the Alps, you’ll most likely imagine snow-capped peaks, or perhaps Heidi, the well-known storybook character, playing somewhere in the Swiss mountains… but there is so much more to see!

You’ve probably heard of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps region. Situated in the Aosta Valley in Northern Italy, the highest point of the mountain reaches an astounding 4,808m. So, certainly not the mountain to go to for a casual stroll! If you are interested in some hardy walking or running, the current record for ascending and descending Mont Blanc is four hours, 57 minutes and 40 seconds, held by mountaineer Kílian Jornet Burgada.

See The Alps in Style

To fully take in the Alps’ grand, mountainous range, how can you beat a bird’s-eye view?  In Chamonix you can book a paragliding experience, and an experience it certainly is! You’ll see these stunning mountainous regions in such a unique way, it’ll be worth any of those pre-take off nerves. While paragliding the alps definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted, it is for those brave souls wanting an experience they’ll never forget.

Become a true daredevil and paraglide through the Alps
Become a true daredevil and paraglide through the Alps

Float Through the Air

If you fancy a bit more of a relaxed overhead view of the Alps, then hot air ballooning in Switzerland is the activity for you. Many hot air balloon rides take off just after sunrise, so you can see the Alps just as the sun first hits them, which is enough to take your breath away!

Float through the fresh air of the Alps
Float through the fresh air of the Alps

Dive In

From the air to the rocky mountain terrain, there are so many ways you can experience the Alps. Including, maybe surprisingly, underwater. The range is home to a number of beautiful lakes, where you can experience a different side to this beautiful, natural landscape. Or you can take the plunge and try ice diving in Val Thorens.

Excitement in the Water

However, the water-based adventures don’t stop at scuba diving! For the real adrenaline junkies, there’s white water rafting. Fight against the rapids in one of the most beautiful mountainous regions in the world in the Southern French Alps. Don’t worry about spending some time out of the boat - there are instructors there to help you. You never know, the tumble in might make for an exciting story!

Discover Your Sense of Adventure White Water Rafting
Discover Your Sense of Adventure White Water Rafting

Off-road Mountain Biking

The mountains are already there, the only thing you need now is a mountain bike (and perhaps a helmet and protective wear, too!). You don’t have to be an extreme mountain biker to go up-and-down steep slopes, you simply just need to be interested in admiring the view, and the view only. There are plenty of trails for you to take your pick from.

Explore the Alps- off road
Explore the Alps- off road

While there are lots of places at the Alps to relax and unwind, this is the place to go to really experience a wild getaway. So, which heart-stopping activity do you want to go for first? A week or two on the Alps means you can fit in lots of different activities and experience everything they have to offer. Boredom? Sorry, we’re not sure of that word!

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