July 26, 2016

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Nestled between Germany, France and Belgium, Luxembourg is often overlooked as a holiday destination, but it shouldn’t be. Luxembourg is a mixture of old and new, with its UNESCO-protected city centre and contemporary buildings, and although it may be small, it certainly has a lot to offer. I’ve been to Luxembourg many times and count it amongst my top city-break destinations, not least because of its delicious food.

In this blog post, the third in our ‘Local eats in…’ series, I’m going to show you a few of my favourite places to eat in Luxembourg.

Restaurant Meckenheck

As you can imagine, Luxembourg is full of great restaurants and cafés serving up all kinds of cuisines. If it’s your first time to the country, I’d recommend trying as much local cuisine as possible. Restaurant Meckenheck is a short drive from Luxembourg City, but the food is well worth the trek. The menu is filled with Luxembourgish dishes made with local, seasonal ingredients. Try feierstengzalot (a cold beef, pickle, celery and egg salad, with a mustard dressing) and the roast pork with mashed potatoes and truffle sauce.

Meckeheck is located in Berchem, a 25-minute drive from Luxembourg City.

Bei De Bouen

Another great place for sampling typical Luxembourgish cuisine, Bei De Bouen is a cosy, neighbourhood-style restaurant with a delicious menu and friendly, welcoming staff. Open Monday to Saturday, but closed on Sundays, you can drop in for a drink and a snack or a three-course meal. There are so many dishes to choose from, but the kniddelen (flour dumplings cooked with butter and bacon) served with apple compote is probably my favourite. There are several other types of kniddelen, so it’s best to go with a group and get a few to share.

Bei De Bouen is located at 35 Rue Laurent Menager in Luxembourg City.

Am Tiirmschen

Housed in a beautiful, medieval stone building in Luxembourg City’s centre, Am Tiirmschen is a great setting for quick lunch or a leisurely dinner. I last visited the city in 2015 with some friends, and I ate at Am Tiirmschen twice, it was that good! Start your meal with a selection of cold meat specialities from Luxembourg – they’re delicious – or try a bowl of bouneschlupp mat mettwurst (traditional bean and sausage soup). For your main course, I’d recommend the smoked pork with broad beans and kniddelen or the salmon fillet with potatoes and vegetables. 

Am Tiirmschen is located at 32 rue de l'Eau in Luxembourg City.

Le Sud

Le Sud is one of Luxembourg’s best eateries and is a must for any visiting foodies. It’s considered to be a fine-dining restaurant, with its mouth-watering menu, luxurious interiors and the prices to match, but the express lunch menu is just as delicious, and at a lower price point. The food is a mix of French and Luxembourgish cuisine, a combination that you’ll see on many restaurants’ menus, and you can finish your meal with a digestif on the terrace which overlooks the Alzette river.

Le Sud is located at 8 Rives de Clausen in Luxembourg City.

Eat your way around Luxembourg

Drive to Luxembourg with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle. The journey from Folkestone to Calais takes just 35 minutes. 

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