March 9, 2017

Gardaland in North Eastern Italy is an unforgettable experience for all ages. Gardaland in North Eastern Italy is an unforgettable experience for all ages. © Spencer Wright

If you’re anything like me, flying through the air at eye-popping speed on a hot summer’s day is an ideal way to spend any holiday. So, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve got a great list of the best theme parks you can visit in Europe this summer.


North Eastern Italy, 11 hours, 35-minute drive from Calais via A26 (includes toll roads)

For adventure seekers of all ages, Gardaland is a perfect place to spend your summer holiday. Small adventurers can learn how to become Kung Fu fighters at the Kung Fu Panda Academy. Mastering slick martial arts moves and conquering Po’s rollercoasters will allow them to become Kung Fu Masters!

I’m really excited to pay a visit to the brand new ride opening in 2017, the ‘Shaman Virtual Reality Rollercoaster’. I can’t imagine anything more exciting than flying through the air and straight into the world of Native American spirits.

A trip to Gardaland wouldn’t be complete without visiting ‘Oblivion the Black Hole’, where on a daring space mission you are plummeted vertically into a black hole of no return…

 If you’re not totally up for one way intergalactic adventures, there are plenty of other options! Head over to the Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium and see the wonders of the deep. I love visiting the luminous jellyfish, admiring their hypnotic movements as they gently bob along - how can something so mesmerising be dangerous?! A trip to the Aquarium is one of the best ways to get little ones to learn about their planet, whilst having fun at the same time.

If you want to stay overnight at Gardaland to experience everything the park has to offer, the Gardaland Hotel has something of a magical treat in store. You can spend the night in one of three themed rooms; Kung Fu Panda, Princess Dream Room or Pirates Cove! Kids will be over the moon about being able to sleep over in their very own exciting dreamland!


See the wonders of the deep at the the Gardaland SEALIFE Aquarium © dundidu

PortAventura World

North Spain, 13 hours 14-minute drive from Calais via A75 (includes toll roads)

As someone who likes to take the scenic route and drive through Europe, you can be sure I love anything to do with cars, which is why I am quite literally counting down the days to the grand opening of PortAventura World’s Ferrari Land. Discover the history of Ferrari and its creator, Enzo Ferrari, through virtual reality.

If you’re a car lover too, join me at the front of the queue to experience the speed of F1™ on the Vertical Accelerator. Fly up to 112 metres after accelerating to 180km/h in just five seconds. What’s more, the carriages look just like the real F1™ cars!

The closest I’ll get to feeling like Lewis Hamilton is when I take a spin in the F1™ simulator. Finally, I can know how it feels to whizz around the F1™ tracks in one of those amazing cars..

Port Aventura

PortAventura World’s new Ferrari Land is full of exciting new rides for thrill-seekers to try © Jordi Paya

Europa Park

West Germany, six hours eight minutes’ drive from Calais via A26 and A4 (includes toll roads)

The best holiday invites excitement, and lots of sightseeing, which is why I try my best to visit one of my favourite theme parks, Europa Park, whenever I stop over in Germany. Each section of the park is based on a country, so there’s plenty to see and do! 

Children can play in the magical castles of Ireland, adrenaline junkies can nose dive off a 28m peak on the Euro-Mir in Russia, and you should prepare yourself for a bird’s-eye view of the park from the Big Wheel Bellevue when you take a quick trip to Portugal! That’s the greatest thing about Europa Park; where else can the journey from Russia to Portugal be just a short stroll away?

There are lots of shows to keep you entertained in 2017. Take a visit to ‘Project V’, Europe’s largest flying theatre, to experience a catalogue of new destinations from a completely unique perspective! There are lots of shows for little ones, from ‘Saving the Enchanted Forest’ to the ‘Children’s Musical’.

Europa Park

Each section of Europa Park is based on a country so you can see the whole continent in one place! © Jeremy Thompson
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