May 11, 2017

Natural Park of Aube The natural park of Aube is a beautiful place for all outdoor lovers to visit.

One of the wonderful things about France (and there are many) is its great outdoors. The vast and varied landscape means that no matter what kind of outdoorsy person you are, there is something for you to enjoy.

I enjoy spending time outdoors, but I’m definitely not one of those who love to hike a mountain a day or paraglide around the country. Instead, I like to drive through France to Aube, in the Champagne region. There, I can experience the beautiful Orient Forest Regional Natural Park and its stunning natural landscape. I can also take a trip underground to its Champagne cellars. Well, it’d be rude not to!

Discover Orient Forest Regional Natural Park

A 3 hour, 53-minute drive from Calais sits this beautiful Natural Park. With three lakes sitting in its 70,000 hectares, there’s plenty to see and do here.

The park is a large area of protected woods and lakes, and officially became a regional natural park in 1970.

The Lakes of Aube

aube_1 The beautiful lakes of Aube are a must-see on your trip!

The three lakes in the park were built in the 1970s; Orient, Temple and Amance. The lakes are home to lots of beautiful wildlife and fauna to discover, but perfect if you’re a bit of an adventurer at heart!

Water Adventures

For those of you who fancy themselves a sailor, make sure you visit Orient Lake. From canoes, to pedal boats, to catamarans, you can take to the high seas (well, the high lake) for an exciting day of adrenaline rushing fun.

If you crave the fast-past life, and a gentle canoe ride just won’t do it, there’s no need to worry. Head over to Amance Lake for jet skiing, water skiing and more.


aube_2 Fancy yourself a bit of a catch? Then some tranquil fishing is for you. Credit: Guillaume Cattiaux

The lakes aren’t just filled with exciting activities, they’re also home to a whole range of fish. You can spend an afternoon of peaceful fishing here, trying your luck with pikes and carps. Maybe even attempting to break the current record catch of a 39-pound pike, not beaten since 1993…

Mushroom Hunting

You may think it’s quite strange to go looking for mushrooms, but with nearly 800 species growing in the park you’re sure to see some interesting sights. Maybe even a ‘Trumpet of Death’… Just remember not to pick or disturb the mushrooms, they’re important to the eco-system of the park. Look, don’t touch!


aube_3 Discover the world of impressionist painter Renoir when you follow his footsteps in Essoyes. Credit: Christophe PINARD

The quiet village of Essoyes is approximately 30 minutes drive from the Orient Forest Regional National Park and was also home to impressionist painter Auguste Renoir and his family. Renoir was so won over by the beautiful natural landscapes that it even inspired some of his paintings!

You can follow in Renoir’s footsteps along the “Chemins de Renoir” (Renoir’s Paths), which are walking routes surrounding the village.

Sample Delicious Champagne

aube_4 A delicious tipple of Champagne, straight from the Champagne cellars.

Seeing as Aube is in the Champagne region, it would be a terrible shame not to take a trip into the cellars and experience it. There are plenty of cellars that are open for tours. You can find out how Champagne is made, what makes the region so special and maybe even taste a glass for yourself!

Fans of outdoors adventures will be enthralled by the beauty of Aube. The variety of activities you can take part in means that every type of ‘outdoors’ person will have something to fill their time. What will you get involved with?

Discover the hidden secrets of Aube with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle. It only takes 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais. What will be your first adventure?

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