October 19, 2015

Dogs love walking in the snow! Take them on an adventure to one of our winter walking spots

Dogs need walking all year round, and a brisk walk when you’re wearing your best winter coat can be thoroughly enjoyable, especially when strolling through France’s most beautiful landscapes. Not all public spaces in France allow dogs, but there are some fantastic options in and outside cities, some of which even let you take your dog off the lead.

Parc de Bercy, Paris

One of the many public parks in Paris, Parc de Bercy is a beautiful green space boasting several small gardens and scenic walking routes. In the colder months, it’s especially beautiful, as the lines of bare trees give it a chilly winter feel. Located in Paris’ 12th arrondissement, the Parc de Bercy is made up of three different gardens, which are connected by quaint footbridges.

Paris’ Parc de Bercy in Winter is a pretty place to explore.
Paris’ Parc de Bercy in Winter is a pretty place to explore.

Bercy has its own romantic garden with fishponds, a flowerbeds garden, and an open space called The Meadows, boasting tall trees and lots of space for dogs to run around. There are no main roads near to the park, so you can let your dog off the leash (in the areas allowed) with peace of mind.

Dordogne and the Lot

In southwest France, the picturesque Dordogne region is a wonderful part of the country to visit on foot, especially if you’ve got a pooch with you for good company. Home to the famous Dordogne wine region, walking through this part of France will give you amazing views of idyllic villages, 16th century hamlets and rolling hills, which will make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time through French history.

The Lot and Dordogne valley is especially beautiful, and many of the villages here are known as Les Plus Beaux Villages de France. Wherever you walk through this region, there are marked paths to help you on your way, which makes the area suitable for everyone. Try taking a stroll through the village of Loubressac, and pass by scenic limestone cliffs, before visiting the nearby cascades and walking along the edge of the Grands Causses Regional Nature Park.

Vallée de l'Eure, Uzès

In the south of France, the charming town of Uzès is hidden away in picturesque French countryside, dotted with whitewashed houses and boutique B&B’s. The town itself is stunning, boasting limestone buildings and a laid-back café culture, so is worth visiting at any time of year. Just outside of town, you’ll find a park, Vallée de l'Eure, a stunning natural space where dogs are free to roam off the leash.

Uzès is a picturesque town in southern France.
Uzès is a picturesque town in southern France.

A river valley, the park is set back from the roads so you don’t need to worry about the danger of traffic. There’s plenty of wide open space for your furry friend to run around on, and the river provides somewhere for them to swim – if it’s not too cold! If you’re looking for a day trip, there are several walking routes which start at the park and are clearly marked, with some even featuring scenic Roman remains.

Lake Annecy, Doussard

In France’s Rhône-Alpes region, the commune of Doussard sits just south of Lake Annecy, which is surrounded by wonderful walking routes for you and your dog. During the winter months, it’s important to check the weather predictions before you set out on your walk, but thankfully several of the routes feature raised walkways to help accessibility in adverse weather conditions.

Lake Annecy’s Réserve Naturelle du Bout du Lac.
Lake Annecy’s Réserve Naturelle du Bout du Lac.

One area that is great for walking is the Lake’s Edge Preserve. A 90-minute walk in total, this walk will take you through some beautiful wetlands, which can be enjoyed rain or shine. The natural habitat surrounding Lake Annecy has been untouched for thousands of years, and the walkways mean that accessibility is good for the whole family, even the little ones.

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