March 23, 2015

We spend so much of our lives sitting still, whether it's behind our desks in the office, behind the wheel of our cars, or at home on the couch in front of the TV. Well, we think it's time for a change.

Here at Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, we have long been committed to investing in sustainable energy, and have even been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for our efforts. We are hands down the most environmentally friendly way to cross the Channel, and now we're taking that one step further. We have just launched three amazing new WeWatt charging stations at our Victor Hugo terminal here in Folkestone in the UK.

Whilst waiting to catch the next Le Shuttle across the Channel, most people take the opportunity to stay connected with their digital lives on social media, send a couple of business emails, or maybe even catch up on the latest episode of their most recent TV show obsession. Well, now you can stay connected without fear of your battery dying half way through, whilst hooked up to one of our high-tech WeWatt bikes.


Don't worry, there's no need for any gruelling spin-class-esque cycling, even gentle exercise on one of the WeWatt bikes is enough to start generating power.  Half an hour of pedalling is capable of fully charging your mobile phone. In fact, if you cycled on the bike for two and a half hours, it would be the equivalent of cycling all the way to Calais! Pretty impressive, but still no match for our speedy journey time of just 35 minutes to get you across the Channel.

Our WeWatt bikes launched on the 25th March 2015, so why not plan to get to the terminal a little early and give them a go yourself?

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