February 27, 2015

We were reading through our letters and came across this poem by one of our regulars Genghis (with a little help from his owner) who has travelled with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle 23 times!

The only way to start a holiday,
A chance to play,
New friends to meet.
Old friends to greet.
Drive on the train,
No fuss. No strain.
En route I doze
As through the tunnel it goes
This perfect way
To start my holiday.

Thanks for sending this in Genghis and we look forward to seeing you on your trip with us!

Another talented pet and their owner, Helen from Derbyshire, came up with this amazing poem - we were very impressed!

For an English dog like Charlie, trips to France, 'Très bon'!
When 'en vacance' in France, he has a 'grand bon temps.'
For life is sweet, the folk are friendly and his girlfriend, 'oh là-là'
And Le Shuttle Eurotunnel, 'c'est plus facile, n'est-ce pas?'
For Charlie is an English dog who loves 'la vie en rose'
Where ever his owners visit, so surely Charlie goes.
So imagine for a minute just how he felt to be
Locked up alone in a rocking car, crossing the rolling sea.
Now in a flash the journey passes, in the car with 'mère et père'
Très vite it is, le Shuttle - Et voilà!We are there.
Charlie struts his stuff on the Paris streets, in 'les bars et restaurants'
And the pretty girls pat his head and coo, because 'il est très mignon!'
When it's time to return to Blighty, 'après les grands vacances'
There's even a special centre, for pets who are leaving France
With friendly helpful humans who check that all is well
Then 'sous la manche' once more we go. For this trip … France farewell.

Do you have a pet that loves a bit of prose?

We're always happy to share their talents! Please send to PET E-NEWSLETTER .

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