October 21, 2015

At Arden Grange, nutrition is a passion, and their expertise has led to the development of a grain free, mini sensitive dog treat, ideally suited to dogs with delicate digestion and/or sensitive skin. Now owners can reward or spoil their dogs with a little treat without worrying about causing any upsets to their digestive system.

Mini Sensitive Crunchy Bites

The availability of grain-free dog food has grown rapidly in the last few years. While this can be beneficial for many dogs, it is important that the food still contains a good balance of nutrients so that your dog is happy and healthy.

Grain-free does not have to mean carb-free. Arden Grange’s mini sensitive crunchy bites contain potato, which is possibly the most digestible source of carbohydrates available. Potato contains vitamins C and B6, which are necessary for growth, development and maintenance, as well as potassium which is essential to help with energy production and good for the immune system.

Mini Sensitive Crunchy Bites also contain Ocean White Fish meal, which is packed full of nutrients and vitamins. As well as being easy to digest, it contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which have natural anti-inflammatory properties, and may help in cases where the skin or digestive tract has become irritated. In addition to this, the entire Crunchy Bites range now contains krill meal, which is an outstandingly pure source of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These have many recognised health benefits and are important to the nervous system, heart and eyes as well as many other cells, tissues and organs in the body.

 Arden Grange nutrition without compromise mini crunchy nites

Try it for yourself!

We have 50 bags of Arden Granges Mini Sensitive Crunchy Bites to give away. If you’d like to try a bag, simply send your name and address to pet-enewsletter@eurotunnel.com. One 250g bag will be issued per household, on a first come, first served basis.

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