October 26, 2015

Tell us about your fondest pet story for a chance to win

Here at Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, we love pets. Best of all, we love hearing the funny and heart-warming stories about your pets, and how they have a special place in your heart. Travelling with pets means that we can bring them with us on adventures, creating memories together that will last a lifetime. However, pets offer their fair share of stresses, and some of the best stories have a whole host of ups and downs! Read on to find out how your love of pets could win you a luxury holiday to Normandy.

How to enter

We’re asking participants to write a blog entry on their personal blogs, of 250 words or more, on their favourite story about their pet. Did your cat go missing, and you found them somewhere unusual? Perhaps you took your dog travelling and they managed to get themselves stuck! Whatever your story, we want to hear it.

Remember to link back to the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and Arden Grange websites to enter, and share your blog post across social channels using #petlovers.

 Do your furry friends like to travel?
Do your furry friends like to travel?

The Prize

The winner of our competition will take home an amazing three-night stay for two in the pet-friendly, luxurious Château De Saint Paterne, in Normandy. Plus, a free Eurotunnel short break return ticket, valid for up to five calendar days for the winner, their pet and one vehicle, a pre-loaded post office travel money card with £300, and one year’s supply of pet food, specially chosen for your pet. It’s a great prize, so get writing!

There will also be four runners-up who will win six standard 12 kilogram bags of pet food which, for an average sized pet, should equate to 6 months’ worth of supply. A treat for your furry friends!

For some inspiration on what to write,
check out our personal pet story below.

#petlovers – A Tale About a Cat

I’d had Archie for just a few weeks when he expressed the need to explore the great outdoors. As anyone with kittens will know, you must observe caution when this time inevitably comes, as curious kittens have a tendency to get themselves into a bit of trouble. Having had cats prior to Archie, I was no stranger to this.

Bessie, when left to her own devices, had managed to climb a tree so tall that I was unable to find her for an entire day, before hearing her faint meows while searching the streets and finding her desperately clawing at a branch, terrified of the height she’d managed to reach. Luckily a friendly neighbour helped me get her down, and she survived the experience – lesson learned.

 Kittens can get themselves into trouble!
Kittens can get themselves into trouble!

Archie, too, was especially curious and quite clumsy. Rather than wait for me to serve his food, he would jump up onto the kitchen counter and paw at my hand while I opened the food pouch, only to throw himself off balance and fall from the counter – feet first, most of the time. With this at the forefront of my mind, I cautiously opened the back door for him for the first time, allowing him to roam the grassy, slightly overgrown, wilderness that was the back garden. I’d let wildflowers grow and I even had a pond with frogs and spawn in the spring months. It was a delightful garden, and I knew Archie would love exploring it.

After watching him for about 20 minutes before deciding I should trust him on his own, I went to lie down in the sun and relax while Archie roamed the garden. Some time passed and I was almost drifting off into a nap, before I heard a strange noise, followed by a splash. Alarmed, I approached the pond to find little Archie clawing himself out from the edge of the water, soaking wet. Several frogs were hopping around him in delight, and I had an idea of what had happened.

I quickly scooped him up, wrapping him in my t-shirt, and ran inside. Once warm, Archie gave me a grateful purr and fell asleep on my lap, seemingly unharmed. It has to be said, however, that he never went near the pond again after that sunny afternoon

The dates

The competition will run for 3 months from 26th Oct 2015 to 25th of Jan 2016 at midnight.

Good luck!

Got a great pet story to tell?

Remember to link back to the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and Arden Grange websites to enter, and share your blog post across social channels using #petlovers.

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Kittens can get themselves into trouble! - James Wragg
Do your furry friends like to travel? - Misha Yurasov

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