January 22, 2014

With the constant pressure on us to be 'green' it's becoming more of a priority to recycle and to be kinder to the environment in our own homes.

In my quest to find new and innovative ways to recycle in my home, I came across a great new company that could help to minimise my pet's carbon paw print. BecoThings offers a fabulous range of eco-friendly pet products including bowls, toys and litter trays. Made out of plant material, they can last for years inside your home but will start biodegrading the moment you put them outside.

We were so taken by these products, we decided to team up with BecoThings to offer you 15% off your purchase. Simply head to the beco website , choose your eco-friendly purchase and enter code ' ecodog14 ' at the checkout.

Now there is no excuse not to do your bit for the environment!

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