April 10, 2014

Can you believe it’s been 14 years since we carried our first four legged friends as part of the Pet Travel Scheme?

On February 28th 2000, 17 dogs and 1 cat travelled on the 10.51am shuttle from Calais to Folkestone.  Other VIP passengers included Lady Mary Fretwell, who led the campaign for the introduction of a Pet Travel Scheme, along with her lovely basset-hound, Claude, who were also on-board.  

Since the scheme was introduced we have shuttled over 1 million dogs, cats and ferrets across the Channel.  

It just goes to show that pet owners won't leave home without their beloved companions. Before the scheme, owners had to quarantine their four-legged friends for 6 months before they could travel with them.

14 years on and we love seeing all your gorgeous pets travelling.  That’s why we have created their own purpose built exercise areas with fun agility equipment so they can stretch their paws before travel.  With complimentary dog waste bags, specially trained pet staff and regular pet newsletters dedicated to all things furry and four-legged, we want to ensure your pet feels at home when travelling with us.

Earlier this year we celebrated a record-breaking number of pets travelling with us in one day. A whopping 1,393 pets returned to the UK following the Christmas and New Year break on January 4th. 

A well deserved round of apaws to everyone for making pet travel abroad possible. 

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