January 27, 2014

It’s always fantastic hearing about our customers’ travels with us, and every now and again there’s a story that captures our hearts.  This time the story belongs to Alfie, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Alfie’s owners, Andrew and Gemma, have enjoyed many dog-friendly holidays in the UK. However they’d never taken him abroad and, having made plans to emigrate to Australia soon, they decided to make use of his doggy passport with a trial run across the channel. 

Both Andrew and Gemma are keen skiers, so it didn’t take long to decide a trip to the French Alps was on the cards. They soon found a dog-friendly chalet in Piesey-Vallandry. With just 35 minutes’ travelling time, dedicated pet terminals and pet play areas it made perfect sense for them to travel with us. 

Alfie couldn’t contain his excitement as the three of them hit the slopes together – he loved wading through the snowdrifts and following his owners down the piste! He got the chance to bound around in the deep snow, chasing snowballs (and other dogs!) - Andrew said it was the most fun Alfie had ever had!

After energetic days playing out in the snow, Alfie spent his evenings snoozing by the log fire in the chalet with his two favourite people. The three of them arrived home safely, worn out, with the most amazing memories and holiday snaps.

Has Alfie’s adventure inspired you to hit the slopes with your pooch? Then head to our pet travel page and see for yourself how easy pet travel can be.

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