April 10, 2017

eventspets_hero With France being one of the most pet-friendly countries in Europe, there’s plenty of events happening this spring!

Travelling to France with a furry friend is always a simple, no fuss experience when done with Eurotunnel. The country is known for being the most pet-friendly country in Europe, which is great, as we’re pet crazy here in the U.K! In France, pets are usually allowed to dine with their owners, as well as stay with them in their overnight accommodation. So now you don’t have to leave your pet at home when you’re on holiday! 

eventspets_1 Taking your pet on holiday with you is a real treat


It’s worth double-checking the rules and regulations at the places you want to visit when you’re organising your trip to France, but we’re sure that you’ll more than likely be pleasantly surprised by what you discover. Many places are very accommodating to animals. 

If you’re wondering what to get up to with your pet this summertime, we’ve got a few ideas to inspire you. 

Wasquehal Exhibition, Wasquehal 

For people with: Cats 

When: Saturday 20th May and Sunday 21st May 2017 

 Driving Distance from Calais: 1 hour 20 minutes

eventspets_2 Are you a feline fanatic?


Cats and holidays don’t usually go hand-in-paw, but located just over an hour’s drive from Calais, you’ll discover a cat-lovers haven on the weekend of the 20th May. The Wasquehal Exhibition is a cat show organised by LOOF, or the ‘Livre Officiel des Origins Felines’. With experienced judges, this is the perfect opportunity to get your purr-fect fill of kitty company whilst you’re on holiday.

The attendees of these shows are dedicated animal lovers, and range from experienced cat breeders to cat owners and enthusiasts. If you’re a fellow feline fanatic, then why not go along for the fun? There’s certainly no other experience like a professional cat show! If you’re a dog-owner, then we’d recommend leaving your pup at home for this one, as dogs are understandably not allowed in (imagine the chaos!).

Do you speak French? Find more information on the event here and here.

North Sea Dog Show, Dunkirk Convention Centre

For people with: Dogs

When: Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July 2017

Driving Distance from Calais: 40 minutes

eventspets_3 Sneak a peek at the future Crufts contestants!


Every dog lover enjoys sitting down with their canine pal and watching the ‘Crufts’ highlights with a cup of tea, but why not get involved with the real thing? You can do just that on an exciting adventure to Dunkirk, in Northern France. The ‘North Sea Dog Show’ runs from Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th July 2017, making it the ideal summer activity. The Crufts qualifying heats are affiliated to the La Société Centrale Canine, and visitors can enter their pups to win all sorts of awards – from the ‘Best Dalmatian’ to the ‘Best Terrier’! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dog show attendee, everybody is welcome.

Participation fees can vary, and there are certain procedures that you must go through to enter your own dog for an award. There’s an entrance fee for humans and pups that aren’t competing, but it’s well worth it for the experience alone. Just imagine – you could be looking at the future Crufts champion!

Do you speak French? Then visit the website for more information!

Wildcard Visit

Le Waf Café, Lille

For people with: No pets

When: Open 11:00 – 19:00 Wednesday to Sunday, 14:00 – 19:00 Monday, Closed Tuesday

Driving Distance from Calais: 1 hour 15 minutes

eventspets_4 Le Waf is perfect for those who need a bit of puppy love!


If you’re feeling particularly Fido-friendly, but aren’t able to have a pooch of your own, then a visit to Le Waf is a must! Situated near Lille, this café was set up for those who love to spend quality time with dogs. Some of the animals here are permanent residents, but others are up for adoption - it’ll be difficult not to want to take all of them home with you! Why not take some time out of your holiday to get some dog therapy? A coffee, a croissant, and some puppy love are enough to make anybody smile.

There is a wide range of tasty drinks and snacks available at the café, but you should note that you’re not allowed to feed anything to your furry friends. Make sure that you enquire about any activities that are available to visitors, including dog walking and dog training courses.

Here are some useful French phrases to use on your pet-friendly holiday:

Animals welcome

Les animaux sont bienvenus

Leyz anim-ohz son bee-aven-u


No animals allowed

Animaux interdits

Anim-ohs on-tar-dee



Une laisse

Oon layz


No dogs allowed, even on a lead

Pas de chien, même tenus en laisse

Pa-duh-chon mem-tenuh on-layz


Are animals allowed?

Les animaux sont-ils autorisés?

Lez anim-ohs sont-il auto-riz-ay?

eventspets_5 Are you ready to take your pet abroad?

Getting to France with your pet 

Do these springtime events sound good to you? Travel from Folkestone with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and you'll arrive in Calais just 35 minutes later. Don't forget the pet passports!

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