September 8, 2016

pet-travel-acc-hero Travel with pets of all sizes, with our top travel accessories

Whenever I travel, I usually take my husband and our dog with me, so I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to doggy-friendly travel! When travelling with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, your pet stays with you in the comfort of your car, so you can have complete control over your pet’s environment to make sure their travel is stress-free.

Pet-friendly travel accessories make travelling so much easier, especially as your needs can change depending on the size of your dog. Check out a few of my favourite travel accessories for your pet and start planning your next adventure today.

Portable pet water bottle

When your pooch is thirsty, find an easier way to help them drink.
When your pooch is thirsty, find an easier way to help them drink.

Whether you’re human or dog, keeping hydrated while you travel is really important. My husband and I always keep plenty of water in the car, but it can sometimes be messy when you’re trying to water the dog! I recently came across a portable pet water bottle and it makes it much easier to give my dog a drink. Mine features a water bottle with detachable bowl, so you can easily fill up your dog’s water on the go.

Car seat and door protectors

You can find protective covers for any part of the car.
You can find protective covers for any part of the car.

Having your dog on the rear seat is an easy way to keep them comfortable. However, you don’t want their comfort to come at the cost of your car interior. If your pup is anything like mine, they’ll be a bit of a fidget while you’re driving, and mine can often scratch at the door. Couple this with all the dog hairs and dirt, and you’ll probably want to at least put a blanket on the car seats. Here’s an even better idea – buy a car seat and door protector which is specially designed to fit snugly across the rear seat. Some of them even cover the back of the driver and passenger seats, giving your dog a cushy hammock to sleep in, while protecting the inside of the car.

Find plenty of car seat and door protectors here.

Dogs aren’t the only ones who can travel.
Dogs aren’t the only ones who can travel.

Car seat barrier

If it’s just me and my pooch in the car, I often let them sit on the front passenger seat, but when it’s between the dog and the husband, husband (usually) wins! This means that our pup is on the back seat and there’s a large gap for them to squeeze through – the perfect opportunity for them to distract me while I’m driving. Especially for longer journeys, a car seat barrier is a great accessory to use, as it keeps your pooch from getting over-excited and trying to jump into the front of the car. If your dog is travelling in the boot, a cargo guard will serve the same purpose, while also letting them see you in the front of the car to reduce their stress during travel.

Find a mesh car seat barrier here.

Doggie travel kit

When I take my dog on holiday, it almost feels like I’m taking a baby. I like to have everything on-hand, including snacks, water, toys and even a microfibre towel for when they (inevitably) get wet on the beach. With so many things to carry, I pack them all in a doggie travel bag with individual compartments so that everything is easy to access when needed. It might seem a little like overkill, but believe me, it eliminates those moments when I can’t remember where the dog treats are.

Find a great doggie travel kit here.

For only £19 per pet, each way, you can travel with your pet hassle free, with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle.

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