Can I still use my UK drivers licence to drive in mainland Europe after Brexit?

You will still be able to drive in the EU after Brexit and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle will still be the quickest and easiest way to get to France by car.

Up until 01/01/2021, UK drivers licences will continue to be 100% valid throughout the EU for holidaymakers and business travellers alike, with no extra documentation required. British citizens living in EU nations are also free to exchange their UK licence for one from their new home country.

After the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, these rights may change; dependent on the outcome of the current negotiations.

Should this change, one of the most likely outcomes will be that UK licence holders looking to drive in the EU would be required to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) before doing so, similar to the current system for UK visitors to countries such as the USA.

If IDPs are introduced, they will simply be an additional document to be carried alongside your valid UK driving licence, and which you would need to successfully apply for and secure prior to your date of travel.

The type of IDP you would need would depend on which EU countries you are intending to drive in and costs £5.50. More information on how and where to obtain an International Drivers Permit for your trip can be found here.

Drivers must also obtain a physical Green Card that proves they have car insurance and that it is valid in the EU. This can be done through their insurance company and more information about it can be found here


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