How will Brexit affect travel to the EU?

You will still be able to travel to the EU after Brexit and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle will still be the fastest most flexible way to travel across the Channel.

After we leave the EU, British passports will still be valid for travel from the United Kingdom to the European Union, no matter whether you are travelling for a package holiday, a business trip or anything in-between.

However, in the event of a no-deal outcome, UK citizens planning business or holiday in the EU after Brexit, or those who already have trips booked for after 31 January 2020, should be aware that the current free movement for British passport holders within the EU could end once the UK leaves the European Union.

Prior to travel

Currently, in the event of no deal being reached The government recommends that for travel from the UK to an EU country after 31 January 2020, your passport should have at least six months validity remaining before expiry (therefore be no older than nine years and six months) on your day of travel to the EU.

In simple terms, if you are looking to travel from the UK to the EU on a British passport on 6th April 2019, your British passport will need to have an issue date no earlier than 1st October 2009

More details on the travelling to the EU after Brexit are available here.

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