Will I need to start paying for data roaming again?

British mobile users will not pay roaming surcharges whilst travelling in the EU and you will still be able to use your telephone to make calls and send emails and texts from inside the Tunnel during your crossing.

Surcharge-free data roaming has been guaranteed for British mobile users travelling within the European Union since June 2017, meaning you are not currently charged extra fees for using your UK allowance of minutes, texts or data when in the EU. However, if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, this could change after 01/01/2021. Negotiations are ongoing as to how data roaming services for British nationals within the EU will work after Brexit, with the UK government working towards guaranteeing surcharge-free roaming during the Brexit implementation period (1st February 2020 - 31st December 2020).

The UK government has also said that it would introduce legislation to set a financial limit on mobile data usage charges incurred while abroad. This cap would be set at £45 per monthly bill, in line with the current €50 limit set out in EU law.

Many mobile providers themselves have indicated that they will continue to offer surcharge free data roaming packages after Brexit. Currently, Vodafone, EE, O2 and 3 have no plans to change their approach to data roaming after the UK leaves the European Union.

Eurotunnel has a 4G network throughout the Tunnel to keep you connected during your crossing.

Sources: Gov.uk