Post-Brexit travel with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Some things are changing in 2021, but plenty remains the same. We’re still one of the fastest, simplest ways to travel between the UK and mainland Europe.

Just 35 minutes on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and you’ll be accelerating away straight onto the motorway at the other end. You can stay in your car all the way between Folkestone and Calais, making us a contactless experience; we’ve social distancing already built in.

All our tickets are amendable, but for added peace of mind we’ve also introduced a new Standard Refundable Ticket, alongside our Flexiplus fare. So if you need to cancel at any point, right up to the day before travelling with us, you’ll get a full refund*.

A checklist to get you moving

Now the UK has left the EU, some things have changed of course. We’ve put together a travel checklist below to cover the main points, but if you’re travelling with us you should always check the latest government information beforehand.

Here’s the UK government advice if you’re travelling from the UK to the EU, and here it is for travel from the EU to the UK.

The UK Government has also produced a handy Brexit Checker which gives a personalised action list for travel

Your passport

If you are looking to travel from the UK to the EU, you must have 3 months left on your passport. Even if it has more than 6 months left, your passport must be less than 10 years old.

Up until 30 September 2021, citizens of the EU, EEA and Switzerland will still be able to travel to the UK using your national identity card. From 1 October however, you will need a passport to travel to the UK that is valid for the duration of your stay.

Your stay

For British passport holders there are now limits to how long you can stay on the continent. For each 180-day period (nearly half the year) you can spend up to 90 of those days in the EU. For full details, check the latest government advice.

Your car

More than ever before, it’s really important to make sure you have the right documents before you drive from the UK to the EU. For full details, check the latest government advice.

For UK driving licence holders:

  • You will need a valid Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence with you to drive abroad.
  • You will also need a UK sticker on your car, which you can buy at the AA shop in our UK terminal building.
  • If you’re taking your own vehicle, you also need to take your log book (V5C) and valid proof of insurance for driving abroad.
  • If you’re taking a vehicle abroad that you’ve hired or leased in the UK, you’ll need a VE103 certificate.

For EU driving licence holders:

  • You will not require an international driving permit
  • You will need to provide valid proof of insurance

Your travel insurance

As before, you will need to make sure you have appropriate travel insurance whether travelling from the UK or the EU.

If it has been issued before the end of 2020, your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will still be valid into 2021 until its expiry date. You should still make sure your travel insurance has health cover, particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition, as EHICs do not cover every eventuality.

Your phone

Many UK networks have said that they have no plans to reintroduce data roaming charges for calls, but we’d strongly recommend you check with your mobile phone provider before you travel - just to make sure there are no surprises.

Your pet

You can still take your pet abroad with you in 2021, but here are the headlines of what’s changed:

  • If you’re coming from the EU to the UK with your pet, there is no change to the current arrangements.
  • If you have an EU pet passport issued in Great Britain, it will no longer be valid for travel from the UK to the EU: these have been replaced by the animal health certificate (AHC).
  • You will still need to get your pet microchipped and vaccinated as before, and then go to a vet for their AHC no more than 10 days before you travel to the EU.
  • For more details, visit our Pet Travel checklist

Your shopping

From 2021, you are now able to take advantage of duty-free shopping. Limits have been increased and we’d recommend checking the latest government advice, which has details on exact allowances as well as exactly what you can and can’t carry between the UK and EU. There are also regulations surrounding which perishable goods can be taken into France, which can be found on page 17 of this document.

Remember that at Eurotunnel we don’t have ‘red’ customs channels, so you’ll need to declare in advance. If you have more than your allowance, please click here to make a declaration online.

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