Easter in Disneyland Paris

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Check out the fun and excitement your whole family can enjoy during a spring trip to Disneyland® Paris.

The perfect Easter break with your kids

Join Mickey and Minnie, and the rest of the Disney crew, for an exciting Easter in Paris. Not only is Easter a time for chocolate eggs and delicious treats, it's also the perfect time of the year to spoil the family with a fun-filled trip away to Disneyland® Paris. And, between the 1st March and the 31st May 2015, the resort will be hosting a range of enchanting Easter and spring celebrations. From floral-coated floats in the spring parades to exhilarating rollercoasters, there's plenty to keep the whole family entertained over the Easter holiday.

Disneyland® Easter highlights

If you decide to head to Disneyland® Paris for Easter this year, then you'll get to be a part of the resort's Swing into Spring. Throughout the season, the park will really come to life, providing guests with fantastic flower displays, such as flowerbeds dotted with pops of colour, and floral statues of your favourite characters. From the adorable pups of 101 Dalmatians, to the furry AristoCats and Simba the lion, as you wander through the park, you'll get to take in the latest flowery incarnations.

Floral displays in Disneyland Paris

Get ready for spring with some special friends

As a way to celebrate the start of Spring, Disneyland® Paris will also give you the chance to meet with some of your favourite characters, up close and personal! From Thumper the bunny, to red-headed Merida from Brave, you and your family will get to chat away with your real-life heroes, and even pose for photos with them for those all important holiday souvenirs.

Goofy's Garden Party

Once you've met all of your Disney heroes and heroines, be sure to swing by Goofy's Garden Party. Goofy and his friends have been hard at work over the last year, creating the Enchanted Garden just in time for the spring bloom. Dressed in bright, spring-time colours, Goofy, Mickey and the rest of the gang will come together to celebrate this beautiful season with a vibrant and fun parade, riding on flower-covered floats as they glide down the resort's Main Street U.S.A. Once the parade has finished, you can look forward to exploring the Enchanted Garden for yourself, where you'll be greeted with bursts of colour, blossoming flowers and creatively shaped topiaries.

For more on what's going on during spring, check out Disneyland® Paris' events page.

Something for the thrill seekers

Toy Soldier's Parachute Drop

Without needing to shrink in size, you can transform into a toy soldier for the day, as you parachute down on this daring ride.
The ride begins with you being strapped into the parachute pod, and once secure, you're lifted high up into the air. Then, just like a real parachute, you'll find yourself quickly floating to the ground!

Toy Soldier’s Parachute Drop

The height requirement for this ride is only 81-centimetres, meaning more of the family can be a part of the fun.

Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin

The area surrounding the ride is set up to resemble the contents of Toy Story's Andy's toy box, so as you line up you'll be treated to gigantic reminders of childhood games. Once you hop on-board, you'll find yourself snaking your way around the ride, just like Slinky the dog does in the Toy Story films.

You can be of any height to ride the Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin, so even your little ones can join in.

Crush's Coaster

If your kids loved Finding Nemo, they'll definitely want to give Crush's Coaster a go during a trip to the Paris resort. Sat on a twirling turtle shell, you'll be catapulted into an underwater world, where Dory and Marlin will join you as you take on the whirling sea's current.

Crush’s Coaster

If you can't wait to ride Crush's Coaster, be aware that you'll need to be a minimum of 1.07-metres in height, so make sure you measure up.

Fun food

Rollercoasters and parades aren't the only fun things available within Disneyland® Paris' resort, with dining out being one of the top highlights of a Disneyland® trip.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

For entertainment and mouth-watering food, be sure to head over to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Dig into delicious Texan cuisine, such as rich beef chili, cornbread and seasoned potato wedges, as you sit back to watch Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the Disney gang sing and dance, as our cowboys join up with Goofy, Chip and Dale to herd up the real-life cows and horses.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

Rainforest Café

As you wander in, you'll come face-to-face with toy gorilla's beating their chests, the humming sound of busy insects and a towering aquarium that is filled with darting beautiful, exotic fish.   On top of all that, there are also sculptures of zebras, elephants and a veil of jungle plant life that hangs across the ceilings. And, once you've finished exploring the restaurant, you can look forward to digging into a plate of Southwestern cuisine, with a tropical twist.

Rainforest Café

After dinner, be sure to swing by the Rainforest Café shop, where you can stock up on some unusual holiday souvenirs.

Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet Restaurant

For something quick between rides, head over into outer space for a slice of pizza or two at Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet Restaurant. Wonder at the giant robot toys as you enjoy a hot margherita, or use the onsite claw machines to grab yourself one of Toy Story's Little Green Men.

Easter delights

As it's a time for all things chocolate, be sure to treat you and your family to something sweet from one of Disneyland®'s many cafes and desserts shops. If you're a fan of the animated film, Fantasia, then you'll love Fantasia Gelati, a beautiful Italian ice-cream parlour that offers a range of delectable flavours.

Alternatively, if you fancy something a little warmer, pop by the Cookie Kitchen, a wonderful little café that produces excellent coffee and delicious freshly baked cookies and pastries.

Getting there and around

Getting to Disneyland® Paris is easy, with the route providing drivers with a scenic journey past Saint-Omer Longuenesse, Béthune and Parc Naturel Régional Oise Pays de France. After your 35-minute trip across the Channel with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, take the Four à Chaux Street and on to the D245 and A16. After this, follow the A26, A1 and A104 to Paul Séramy Avenue, which is in Bailly-Romainvilles. From there take exit 14 from the A4, and continue to follow Paul Séramy Avenue and Boulevard du Parc until you reach the signs for Disneyland® Paris.

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