An Autumn in Champagne


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Planning an autumn break? The beautiful region of Champagne is one of the most popular areas to visit in France, and in autumn the area is especially beautiful. Find out what you can do in the Champagne region during autumn. The city of Champagne is only a three hour drive from our Calais terminal.

Palais du Tau

45-minute drive from Champagne


The stunning Palais du Tau has been the setting to many a celebration.

If you’re visiting Champagne, it’s only right you partake in a bit of luxury. You don’t get much more luxurious than Palais du Tau, a palace that was once used by French princes before their coronation, and has been the setting of more than one raucous post-coronation party. It was originally a home for the Archbishop of Reims, but is now a Unesco World Heritage Site and museum. There are plenty of treasures displayed in the halls here - make sure you visit the Gothic Great Hall when you stop by.


1 hour from Champagne


Multi-coloured ancient houses line the narrow cobbled streets of Troyes. 

This ancient city has stayed pretty much the same since the 16th century, despite some renovations in the 1950s to make it more hygienic. If it wasn’t for the phone you’re using to snap photos of the streets, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped back in time when you see the narrow, cobbled roads and rickety timber houses.

Avenue de Champagne

25-minute drive from Champagne

No trip to Champagne is complete without a journey down Avenue de Champagne, where the creators of the wine reside. The avenue is made up of 19th century and Classical style buildings that appear modern when compared to those of Troyes. But underneath the street is where it gets really interesting. Below the depths, there are over 100km of galleries dug out, which house millions of bottles of champagne.

Champagne Aspasie

1 hour from Champagne


A beautiful 18th century family run vineyard, with champagne to try. Credit: Champagne Aspasie

Not only should you visit the coveted Avenue de Champagne, but a trip to an historic vineyard is definitely on the cards. Champagne Aspasie is a family vineyard, passed down by generation, that has been making Champagne since 1794. With five generations of wine making in its past, this is a family that knows all there is to know about the art of winemaking. Wander through the 12 hectares of vineyard, try the various types of champagne that are made there, and be a part of the history of this region.

Top Five Must-See Vineyards in Champagne

  • Champagne Barnaut
    Since 1874, this vineyard has been creating fine wine, by using game changing techniques.
  • La Cave Aux Coquillages
    Not only can you see how the beautiful wines are made, but you can also discover the preserved geology that helps create this champagne.
  • Champagne Tribaut
    Located in the birthplace of champagne, you can come here to get first-hand experience working the grape harvest.
  • Parva Domus
    The owners are known locally as mamie et papy, and love to welcome guests into their beautiful stately home, encased by acres of vineyards.
  • Pre En Bulles
    Biodynamic wines, horses working the vineyard and jazz concerts. This is a vineyard that stands out from the rest.

Do you want to be sampling champagne, in Champagne? It’s easier than you think, as it’s only 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais with Eurotunnel. Book your tickets with us early,, for the best price.