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Travel to Arras, the prettiest town in Northern France. Discover the capital of the Artois region with our special offer. Book your ticket with Eurotunnel.

One of the prettiest towns of Northern France

Famous for its Flemish Baroque-style square, theTown Hall and the Belfry, Arras will overwhelm you not only by its wealth of heritage and architecture but also by its way of life. A warm welcome is reserved for all visitors to the town.

The Museum of Fine Arts


The Museum of Fine Arts, located inside the Abbey of Saint-Vaast, has an impressive collections of paintings from the 17th century French and Old Dutch schools (Champaigne, Vignon, Lebrun, Rubens etc..) and one of the widest collections in France of large 17th century religious paintings, amongst which you will find a dozen " Mays" from the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

La Famille du duc de Penthièvre dit aussi La Tasse de Chocolat - Jean-Baptiste Charpentier, le Vieux (1728-1806), 1768, huile sur toile, Versailles, musée national des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon © RMN-Grand Palais (Château de Versailles) / G. Blot

The Wellington Quarry, Battle of Arras Memorial

An immersion 20 meters under the ground, in the bowels of History

Enter one of the most secret place of military history, and discover a real underground town, where thousands of soldiers of the Commonwealth prepared the most surprising attack of World War I.

The Wellington Quarry, Battle of Arras Memorial

The scenery

From 1916, a network of galleries was set up by the New Zealand tunnellers, to link the quarries together and get closer to the German positions.

The Wellington Quarry, Battle of Arras Memorial

The scenario

To gather more than 20.000 British soldiers from all over the world in this secret underground base and, let them emerge from underground a few meters from the German positions in the morning of April 9th 1917. Your mission 20 meters under the ground, be guided by your emotions, and discover these unbelievable experiences.

Wellington Quarry museum, rue Arthur Delétoille, 62000 Arras.

For information on the guided tour timings, please call +333 21 51 26 95.

Guided Tour of "Les Boves"


Discover the Boves with a tour of the town's underground passages, a real insight into the history of Arras. Originally chalk quarries, the "boves" were dug from 10th century onwards and used for various purposes throughout the centuries, including cellars and silos. The network of underground galleries, covering the size of the town and beyond, also served as a shelter and rallying point for the allied troops in 1917 as they awaited their decisive attack: the Battle of Arras.

The Belfry


First started in 1463, the construction of the belfry was only completed 91 years later and is now classified UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Standing at 75 metres tall, the Belfry offers stunning views over the town. Access to the first level is provided by a 40m high lift.

Cité Nature

Installed in a former miners’ lamp factory and refurbished by the famous architect Jean Nouvel, Cité Nature is a cultural and scientific centre dedicated to the questions we ask about food and agriculture, nature and health. 2,500m2 of permanent exhibitions; 1,500m2 of temporary exhibitions; a “discovery” space for children; 15,000m2 of gardens ”of every type” perfect for picnicking. Cité Nature has been entirely designed for the pleasure of learning, at any age, while at the same time taking the time to enjoy life

Croc’expo, Fruits, Vegetables and Me: an exhibition with added zest!

Until 7 October 2018

Discover Croc’Expo, an exhibition on Fruits & Vegetables entirely dedicated to children from 3 to 12 years.

How do vegetables grow? Where do they come from? How are they cultivated? Where are they sold?

An edutainment exhibition combining games, interactive experiences, diagrams, cards and puzzles, for learning and fun...

Practical information

Just over an hour's drive on the motorway from Eurotunnel's Calais Terminal. The historic town of Arras, is approximately 70 miles south-east of Calais, making it an easy weekend destination.

Getting there and around

Office de tourisme d'Arras,
Hôtel de Ville, Place de Héros, BP 40049, 62001 Arras Cedex
Tel : +33 (0) 3 21 51 26 95

Opening times may vary, please check before your visit (tel: +33 (0) 3 21 51 26 95, contact@explorearras.com)

Find out more about Arras on www.explorearras.com

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