Beautiful Bordeaux

Looking for somewhere new to head on your next visit to France? You need to visit Bordeaux!

Bordeaux is one of the most beautiful regions of France. While it’s famous for its delicious wine and stunning countryside, there’s lots more to the city.  

Bordeaux Food & Drink

Bordeaux is known for its wine and hearty French cuisine. What delicious delicacies will you try on your next trip to Bordeaux?

Bordeaux Canelés


Indulge in canelés when in Bordeaux- it’s a treat everyone needs to try.

For a heavenly sweet treat, you must try the famous canelés. These were first created in Bordeaux, and are still as popular as ever. The soft rum and vanilla cake inside the caramelised shell is a match made in heaven. Visit Baillardran to try this heavenly dessert.

Cycle to Wine!


Visiting vineyards is a must in Bordeaux. But cycling adds a fun twist.

Bordeaux is one of the most famous wine regions in the world. A visit to the vineyards is a must, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be any old run-of-the-mill tour. Why not take part in a cycling wine tour? That way you can enjoy a glass of delicious wine, guilt free!

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Indoor Activities in Bordeaux

While Bordeaux may be beautiful from the outside, there are plenty of gorgeous indoor activities to take part in!

The Mollat Bookshop

The largest independent bookshop in France is the perfect place to lose an hour wandering around the art, gastronomy and sociology books. You’ll be walking on history, too. As Mollat is located at the last place the renowned philosopher and lawyer Montesquieu lived.

Discover Modern Art at CAPC

The CAPC has been a staple of Bordeaux culture since the seventies. Located in an old warehouse, it is one of the most respected museums in France. Anish Kapoor and Sol LeWitt have both shown here, as well as many more highly regarded modern artists. Take a wander through, and experience the beautiful modern art!

Outdoor Activities in Bordeaux

Head into the great outdoors of Bordeaux, and see what this beautiful city has to offer.

Climb Pey-Berland


It’s hard to believe that the view from the top is as beautiful as the Cathedral itself- but it’s true!

For those with strong legs, make your way up to the very top of the Pey-Berland, the 15th century bell tower of Cathedral Saint-André. Make sure you climb up on a clear day, so you can see as much of Bordeaux from the top as possible. The tower is built separately from the cathedral, so it wouldn’t damage the large structure.

 Public Garden


Wander through the lush greenery of the gardens. What a perfect way to spend a spring afternoon.

Lying down, relaxing in beautiful green space is the ideal way to spend a day in a new city. And when it comes to beautiful outdoor space, the Bordeaux Public Garden is one of the best. The creation of the garden dates back to 1746, and it was intended to be a place where the residents of Bordeaux could enjoy the outdoors.

In 1856, the garden was redesigned to become greener and a pool was added, taking inspiration from English gardens. So, you know that when you’re walking through this delightful park, you’re walking through history.

Enjoy the Seaside Air

trip to the beach

On a sunny day, a trip to the beach is a must! And Arachon is as beautiful beach as any.

Just a one hour drive away from Bordeaux, is the beautiful area of Arcachon. With stunning sandy beaches, turquoise sea and a pretty town ideal for afternoon strolls, this is a perfect day trip.

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