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Best stadiums in Europe

Travelling in Europe is a joy for any sport-lover - but which of Europe’s biggest stadiums should you make the pilgrimage to visit?

Italian fans celebrate

I love all sports, and when I’m on holiday in Europe I always like to catch a local game to feel more at home. That usually means football, but I’ve found myself watching everything from martial arts to Bossaball (think volleyball on an inflatable court with trampolines!) on my travels. These are just a few of the most spectacular stadiums in Europe - when you next take the quick trip across the channel with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, maybe you’ll have time to visit one or more of them.

Juventus Stadium

The first stadium on my list is also the newest. Juventus Stadium in Turin only opened a couple of years ago, replacing the unpopular Stadio delle Alpi - anyone who tried to see a game there will remember how much Juventus needed a new home! The new stadium is an amazing experience for fans, with every single seat less than 50m from the pitch and the closest stand just 7.5m away. What’s more, Juventus Stadium is one of the most eco-friendly sports grounds in the world, producing all its own electricity through solar panels.

Stade de France

The only stadium in the world to have hosted finals of the football AND rugby World Cups, the Stade de France is a huge monument to the French love of sport. It can be found just north of Paris in the commune of Saint-Denis. Now I come to think of it, Saint Denis is the patron saint of France - maybe the builders were hoping the French teams would have some divine help! With a capacity of 81,388, this is Europe’s sixth largest stadium as well as one of its most diverse - in recent years, crowds have enjoyed everything from the Motorsport Race of Champions to the World Championship in Athletics to Lady Gaga.


The Olympic Stadium in Berlin has got an amazing history, but it’s just as important today as it’s ever been. Hitler watched the 1936 Olympic Games from its stands, and this season it’s due to host the final of the UEFA Champions League (which is starting in just a few weeks!). The Olympiastadion is also the home of top-flight German team Hertha BSC, who are worth a trip all on their own - and thanks to a pretty amazing new app, you can order your mid-match drinks and snacks without even getting out of your seat!

Amsterdam ArenA

Until the club closed a few years ago, my trips to the Netherlands’ biggest stadium were always to watch the Amsterdam Admirals, my favourite American football team. Europe have lost interest in touchdowns and linebackers, but this stadium is still worth a trip whether or not you’re a fan of AFC Ajax (if you are, there’s a great museum). The ArenA has hosted stars from Michael Jackson to the Rolling Stones at its popular concerts, and there’s plenty of parking if you want to pop in as part of a longer trip.


This famous stadium is in pretty bad disrepair nowadays, but it’s still worth catching a game there. Just joking! The Colosseum is an amazing place to visit, but it’s a long time since anybody’s played any sport there (or been eaten by a lion).

The wonderful thing about sport in Europe is how universal it is. Wherever you are, you’ll be able to find a crowd of fans and fit right in - even if you don’t speak the language, cheering (not to mention shouting at the ref) sounds the same everywhere! I always like travelling by car when I’m going to a match, so I can step straight into the crowd and feel at home. That’s what makes Eurotunnel Le Shuttle so convenient when heading to a stadium - having your own car means you can get right to the heart of the action, and with a crossing time of just 35 minutes you could even take a daytrip to the continent to see a game! Just remember to pack the right colour scarf...