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Center Parcs Holidays in Europe

Thinking of Center Parcs for your next holiday? With beautiful locations in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Western Germany, read our guide to see how you can reach these unique destinations from the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais.

Center Parcs in France

There are six parcs to choose from in France, all easy to drive to from Calais. Some are tucked into lush forests, others by crystal-clear waters, but all are guaranteed to provide the perfect space to relax.

Le Lac d'Ailette

In under 3 hours you can reach this picturesque, lakeside parc in Picardy, Laon, Northern France. And, the nearby town of Reims boasts some well-stocked champagne cellars if you’re looking for a day out with a touch of luxury.

Les Trois Forêts

This parc is nestled in the heart of a fir tree forest and within easy reach of the Vosges mountains. Perfect for lovers of the great outdoors, you can reach Les Trois Forêts, Metz in around 4 hours and 15 minutes via the A26 and A4.

Villages Nature® Paris

If you plan to visit Disneyland® Paris during your holiday, this Center Parcs location is the one to choose. Villages Nature is in Ile-de-France, Marne La Vallée, is a 3-hour drive from Calais, and only a 7-minute drive from the Disney parks.

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Les Bois-Francs

A 3-hour 30-minute drive from Calais via the A16 and A28 and you’re in the Normandy countryside at Les Bois-Francs Center Parcs. You can also reach Paris in under 2 hours. This parc boasts a wonderful 9-hole golf course and an on-site spa.

Les Hauts de Bruyères

Sologne Chaumont is 4 hour and 30-minute drive from Calais. Here lies Let Haut de Bruyères, Center Parcs, surrounded by pine forests and close to the castles of Loire, including the Château de Chambord – inspiration for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Le Bois aux Daims

A little further to drive than the other Center Parcs in France, Le Bois aux Daims in La Vienne, Poitiers is well worth the 6-hour drive from Calais. This parc has its own aquarium and farm, where you can see wild boar and deer.

Center Parcs holidays in the Netherlands

There are nine parcs to choose from in the Netherlands and driving there couldn’t be easier with Eurotunnel. Experience beautiful Dutch countryside, plus everything Center Parcs has to offer, from cycling to watersports, hiking to spa days.

Het Heijderbos

In just under 5 hours’ drive from Calais, Center Parcs Het Heijderbos sits at the top of Limburg and close to Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, with beautiful historical buildings throughout. Your journey via the E40 takes you through Ghent, a hidden gem filled with stunning architecture and Antwerp, filled with museums, cafes and cultural landmarks.

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De Eemhof

This parc is close to Amsterdam and lake Eemmeer, giving you wonderful views and the chance to take part in water sports. From Calais, take the E40 route that goes through Antwerp, arriving in Zeewolde within 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Port Zélande

Port Zélande in Ouddorp lies just under 4 hours’ drive from Calais via the A16. From most of the cottages on site you can walk to some beautiful North Sea beaches or Grevelingen Lake, framed by two islands.

Park Zandvoort

For a Center Parcs break with a cosmopolitan twist, Park Zandvoot is a just over a 5-hour drive from the Eurotunnel terminal at Calais, right by both Amsterdam and Haarlem. But if the city isn’t for you, this parc has plenty of sandy beaches to wander along.

Het Meerdal

Cycling and horseback riding are just the beginning at Center Parcs Het Meerdal, located in America, Limburg. From the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais, take the E40 via Ghent and Antwerp and arrive at this kid-friendly haven in 4 hours and 30 minutes.

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De Huttenheugte

De Huttenheugte in the province of Drenthe is surrounded by moorland and woodland, making it a great place for those who love to be outdoors. Pay a visit to the nearby dolmens, huge boulders that were once ancient burial grounds, or simply hire a bike to explore the area. De Huttenheugte is 6 hours’ drive from Calais.

De Kempervennen

Close to two large lakes and with its own indoor snow centre, De Kempervennen is a little over 4 hours’ drive from Calais via the E40. The province it sits in, Westerhoven, lies in a lush valley, flanked by two rivers making it a great place for long winding walks. 

Limburgse Peel

Close to Het Meerdal, this parc is also located in America, Limburg. Cycling, hiking and a round of golf are all popular activities here, with the second largest city in the province on your doorstep too. Venlo is an historic city with a beautiful monastery, museums and plenty of places to dine out. From Calais it’s a 5-hour drive to this parc, via the E40.

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Center Parcs holidays in Belgium

Belgium offers three Center Parcs to choose from and driving to any of them from Calais is easy. Driving to Belgium is a just 40-minute drive from Calais, and you can reach all of the following parcs in under 5 hours.

Les Ardennes

Tucked amongst picturesque villages, winding roads and dense forest, this Belgian parc in the Ardennes is around 4 hours and 30 mins from Calais, via the E40. Featuring an indoor activity centre, this parc is the perfect mix of peace and action-packed fun.

De Vossemeren

Great for watersports enthusiasts, De Vosserman is around 4 hours, 15 minutes’ drive via E40 from Calais. The nearby Sahara of Lommel is a natural phenomenon, a desert landscape surrounded by coniferous woodland – it’s not to be missed during your stay.


Erpeheide in Peer, Belgium is a 4 hour-drive from Calais via the E40. Here you can try out the pony school and pony treks in the nearby woodland, go kayaking or check in to the on-site spa for a touch of rest and relaxation.

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Center Parcs in Western Germany

Western Germany is a veritable treasure trove of landscapes, and home to three Center Parcs. Don’t miss our guide to Germany to discover everything the country has to offer.

Park Bostalsee

The beauty of this parc is that you can walk to the beach, swim in Bostalsee lake, and even visit Luxembourg, all within minimal travel time. The drive from Calais to Saarland, Nohfelden via the E40 takes around 5 hours and 30 minutes by car, passing through Brussels.

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Park Hochsauerland

Hochsauerland sits in Winterberg, a town known for its ski slopes. Once the snow has melted, however, hiking and enjoying some stunning scenery is the perfect way to unwind. The drive to this parc will take you around 6 hours and 15 minutes, via the A40.

Park Eifel

The closest of the Western Germany parcs is Eifel, which is 4 hours and 30 minutes-drive by car from Calais. The accommodation is set in unique volcanic landscapes and nearby Cochem and Nürburg are not to be missed for castles, and, for motoring enthusiasts, the Nürburgring racetrack.

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