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A collection of work from the 1950s to the 1980s!

What is the CoBrA movement?

An acronym of the hometowns of its founders - Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam - the CoBrA movement was created in 1948 in Paris by six young artists: Christian Dotremont, Joseph Noiret, Asger Jorn, Karel Appel, Constant Nieuwenhuys and Guillaume Corneille van Berverloo.

These six artists were interested in creating collaborative works of poetry, writing and paintings that were opposed to all artistic formalism. In addition to the ideas and opinions that they shared and their collective works, they organised exhibitions together and founded the COBRA review (March 1949), although only eight issues were ever published! This review brought together essays on writing, popular art and cinema.

artist Alechinsky De Retour  

The movement, which lasted only three years, was an essential moment in the history of modern art. To put it briefly, the characteristics of this movement are spontaneity and experimentation, and the works created by its followers feature vibrant brushwork and brilliant colours!

Great exhibition at the LAAC in Dunkirk

Dunkirk museum  

Set in the middle of a sculpture garden, the LAAC ( Lieu d'Art et Action Contemporaine) in Dunkirk takes on the skyline with its unusual white ceramic architecture and is situated right next to the beach and the port.

In addition to the cultural events it offers, the LAAC also regularly organises temporary exhibitions that showcase the museum's collections.

The "CoBrA, sous le regard d'un passionné" exhibition will bring together an incredible collection of more than two hundred works, some of which have never before been shown to the public.

This exhibition retraces the origins of the movement and the works produced during the CoBrA years and highlights the international dimension of the CoBrA contributors through presentation of works from American, French and English members of the movement. 

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How to get there

From the terminal in Calais, take the A16 motorway towards Calais/Lille and then take exit 62 'Dunkerque Centre' before following signs towards Casino/Parking Pont Lucien Lefol

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Photo Credits:
Corneille, Nu renversé, 1972, gouache et pastel gras vernis sur papier, coll. LAAC, Dunkerque, Photo Jacques Quecq d'Henriprêt © ADAGP, Paris 2012
Karel Appel, Appel Circus, 1978, coll. LAAC, Dunkerque © Ville de Dunkerque © Karel Appel Foundation, ADAGP, Paris 2012
© Donation Jorn, Silkeborg / ADAGP, Paris, 2012
Pierre Alechinsky, De Retour, 1978, acrylique sur papier marouflé sur toile, 217,8 x 91,9 cm, Collection LAAC, Dunkerque. Photo Jacques Quecq d'Henriprêt © ADAGP, Paris 2012

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