Walt Disney® Studios Park

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Discover Europe's most magical park.

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Walt Disney® Studios Park was opened in 2002 as a second park on the Disneyland® Paris site. Here you can discover the magical world of cinema and television, with glimpses behind the scenes and a number of entertaining daily shows.
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Walt Disney® Studios Park

The park is divided into four studio lots – Front Lot, Toon Studio, Production Courtyard and Backlot – and in 2010 Disney® launched a major addition in the form of Pixar characters, including an entire Toy Story Playland.


Front Lot

The Front Lot is, unsurprisingly, the first area which park visitors encounter upon entering and to get any further you have to step into the night into the impressive Disney® Studio 1.

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This huge sound studio is designed to replicate a fantasy Sunset Boulevard, stuffed with ingenious Hollywood and film references for guests to seek out.


Toon Studio

Head into Toon Studio, where some of Disney's® most memorable creations come to life and you can even try your hand at being an animator yourself. With the Art of Animation guided tour you can see behind the scenes in the animation process and find out how some of Disney's® most famous characters were created.


You can shrink to the size of Buzz, Woody and friends in the park's latest addition – Toy Story Playland. As well as experiencing all the bright colours and wonderful imagination of the Pixar film brought to life, thrill-seekers can take a ride on RC Racer, while younger visitors can enjoy the Slinky Dog ZigZag spin.

If that's not enough for Pixar fans then hop aboard Crush's Coaster for a totally radical rollercoaster ride or get behind the wheel of a rookie racer for the Cars Race Rally.


Production Courtyard

In the Production Courtyard you can explore behind the scenes of cinema and TV, including a tram tour through full-scale movie productions (though hold on to your hat when the tour takes a turn into the Catastrophe Canyon film set).

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The Stitch Live! show provide some more relaxing sit-down excitement, But once you've rested your feet it's time to take on one of the park's most popular attractions - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

The towering haunted hotel features hi-tech spooks and a thrilling elevator drop, which accelerates downwards faster than gravity. Prepare for fun frights!



In the Backlot you'll find big bangs and heartstopping special effects. The Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular features car chases, motorbike jumps and spectacular explosions aplenty, to keep you gripped to the edge of your seat.

Main street USA at the park  

If you like your thrills accompanied by a hard rocking soundtrack then hop aboard the Rock'n'Roller Coaster, soundtracked by Aerosmith.

A day in Walt Disney® Studios Park can really bring the magic of the movies to life, but with so many shows on offer make sure you plan what you want to see so that you don't end up missing out.


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