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Driving to Honfleur

Known for its reputation among artists, Honfleur is a beautiful harbour town on the edge of Normandy. Find out what you can do when visiting Honfleur.

Visiting Honfleur

The old harbour of Honfleur has a distinct Dutch feel, with narrow timber houses overlooking the water and boats bobbing around below. This is a town that was popular with famous artists such as Monet, so expect a beautiful backdrop to your holiday snaps.

Honfleur is France's third most popular tourist destination and a favourite day trip spot for Parisians seeking a few sun kissed hours by the water. The summer is naturally the most popular time to visit Honfleur, with the golden sun beating down on the water. Meander your way through the bustling streets and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this perfect summer getaway.

What to see in Honfleur

The Vieux-Bassin
The most famous part of Honfleur is the Vieux-Bassin, a really colourful spot
The most famous part of Honfleur is the Vieux-Bassin, a really colourful spot.

Any trip to Honfleur has to include a visit to the famous Vieux-Bassin, the towns old harbour. Lined with narrow, tall houses once owned by the wealthy elite (it was considered a huge privilege to have a home that directly faced the water), its a bright, bustling place full of colour and charm.

Venture here for a walk in the sunshine, stopping off at a local café for a drink or a bite to eat and marvel at the 16th-18th century architecture. Just a short walk from Vieux-Bassin is the fishing port, Avant Port, where the fishermen sell their daily catch at Marché au Poisson.

Notre-Dame de Grâce Chapel
The inside of the chapel is decorated with boats, commemorating Honfleur’s maritime history.
The inside of the chapel is decorated with boats, commemorating Honfleur’s maritime history.

Every town or city in France worth visiting has a beautiful cathedral or chapel and Honfleur is no different. The Notre-Dame de Grâce Chapel is a stunning 17th century piece of history, built on a 100m high hill, so you get incredible panoramic views of the town below.

The maritime history can be seen everywhere here, including the chapel. Inside you will find several boats strung up from the ceiling, and the stained glassed windows adorned with maritime images.

Eugène Boudin Museum

As Honfleur is a renowned spot for artists, its only right that you should take a few hours out from wandering around the harbour to visit the Eugène Boudin Museum. The museum is located in a church that offers panoramic views of Honfleur below, but with such beautiful art inside, this is an added extra.

Head to Naturospace to see free-roaming tropical birds and butterflies
Head to Naturospace to see free-roaming tropical birds and butterflies

In such a heavenly place, you might find that you want to really embrace nature. After all, staring at the magical sun setting over the harbour might ignite a nature loving flame within you. If it does, head to Naturospace where you can see birds and butterflies flying freely. Its a great place to visit to learn about nature, as well as be fully immersed in it.

Where to eat in Honfleur

Le Bréard

While there are plenty of places to eat in the main part of town, if you head down a small alley you will come upon Le Bréard, a modern restaurant offering a beautifully presented menu of quirky courses. Try the oysters to start, and then the passionfruit soufflé for a real gourmet treat.

Where to drink in Honfleur

Overlooking the harbour, this is bright and friendly spot to come for a cold drink under the sun. Make sure you try to get a seat outside to make the most of the bustling port.

Enjoy the heart of Honfleur at the harbour
Enjoy the heart of Honfleur at the harbour

Where to stay in Honfleur

A L'École Buissonniere

For a beautiful, but unique, place to stay, spend a few nights at à L'École Buissonniere. Once a school house, it's now a beautiful B&B, with a pretty outdoor courtyard and rooms decorated with original timber beams, exposed brickwork and relaxing bathrooms. There is parking, but it costs €10 a night, so remember to factor that into your budget.

Weather in Honfleur

As this is a summer spot, visit during June-August to get the best weather, with highs of 21°C and little chance of rain. During winter the temperature is still warmer than other spots in Normandy, as it can reach 11°C in November.

Getting there and around:

You can get to Honfleur from our Calais terminal in just over two and a half hours, but be aware that this route includes toll roads.

In Calais, take the A16 and follow that to the A28 and A29 to the D580 in Honfleur, and then just continue to your destination. Couldn't be easier!

You can park right in the centre of Honfluer for €2.80 an hour, but these spots do fill up quite quickly. So, if you don't mind the walk, park a little further afield for more of a chance of a space.

If you want to be sunning yourself in Honfleur Harbour soon, then book your tickets to travel with us early, to get the best price.