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Europa Park Germany

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Things to do at Europa Park

Europa Park is Germany's largest theme park, second largest in Europe after only Disneyland Paris, and a fun thrill-packed day for the whole family! Last year, almost 5 million people visited Europa Park, and if you still haven't been, make this the year you go!

What's new?

New for this season is the 'Arthur – In the Minimoys Kingdom', based on the 'Arthur and the Invisibles' movies, which is due to open in time for this summer. Europa Park has teamed up to work with Luc Besson, world-renowned director of the film, to create the most elaborate indoor attraction at the park yet!

On an island spanning 10,000m² together they have created a completely new themed area. A team of over 500 staff, including top designers and set builders from Hollywood, have been working tirelessly to recreate every aspect of the magical Minimoy world, right down to the finest detail.

What's going on elsewhere in the park?

Across Europa Park, there are 11 rollercoasters to experience throughout the themed zones. The newest rollercoaster is Wodan Timbur Coaster, a wooden rollercoaster that you will find in the Iceland section of the park. Also in this area, there is the ever-popular Blue Fire megacoaster, which catapults you from 0 – 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds!

Europa Park Germany

For even more excitement, check out the France themed section and get in line for the ride of your life on the Silver Star 'hyper coaster', which reaches speeds of up to 130 km/h! Europa Park's France is also a great place to take a refreshment break, with a wide range of delicious restaurants and snack bars on offer. There are also plenty of shops here too, if you want to pick up a souvenir from your day out!

Europa Park Germany

If you're visiting with little ones, or just fancy something a little gentler, then head to Grimm's Enchanted Forest. Here you can interact with all of your favourite fairy tale characters, including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood, amongst many others!

Want to stay longer at Europa Park?

Europa Park Germany

There is so much to see and do at Europa Park that you may find that you want to stay for longer. Well, there are five hotels, one guesthouse and a special campsite if you do fancy spending the night! Choose from Hotel "Bell Rock", Hotel "Colosseo", Hotel "Santa Isabel", Hotel "Castillo Alcazar" or Hotel "El Andaluz", all of which are 4-star hotels. If you fancy something a little different from the atmosphere of the big hotels, there is also the smaller Guesthouse "Circus Rolando" or the unique Wild West inspired Camp Resort.

Visit Europa Park Germany

Getting there and around

It only takes just 35 minutes to cross the Channel with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, from Folkestone to Calais. It is then an easy drive down to Europa Park, located in Rust, Germany, just over the border from France, which will take you a little over 6 hours.

For the quickest route to Europa Park, take the A26 southbound from Calais towards Reims, before joining the A4 towards Strasbourg. From here, you simply need to follow signs for the France-Germany border across the Rhine and then onwards to Rust.

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