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Experience the V8 Hotel & Autobahn

Car enthusiasts unite! Stay in the motor-themed hotel of your dreams, and whiz up and down the famous autobahn.

For those of you who are fans of cars, nothing is better than an open stretch of road, a beautiful day and a tank full of petrol. But why not really experience a car-lover’s dream and drive the autobahn and rest for the night in the V8 Hotel?

Driving through Europe is a holiday in itself. Motoring through the different European cities and countryside provides a completely different driving experience. But, what is the icing on the cake for the real car fans out there?

V8 Hotel and Motorworld

7 hours from Calais

Located at Motorworld in Stuttgart, the V8 Hotel is the ultimate place to rest your petrol head. Before you get to your motor-themed room (more on that later) there are lots of activities you can get involved in at the ultimate place for car lovers.

What to do at Motorworld


Discover the history of your favourite car brands at Motorworld. Credit: Frank Hoppe

Go back to where it all began, 125 years ago, at the Mercedes Benz Museum, and discover the history of the world-famous brand. For fans of speed, the Porsche Museum is the first place to go to immerse yourself in the supercar brand. Or, take to the skies and fly to your dream destination on the flight simulator. With lessons from a professional pilot, you can discover what it’s like to be in control of a plane.

If the rest of your family aren’t quite as car-mad as you, there are still plenty of activities for them to get involved in. Outlet City Metzingen is near the V8 Hotel, and is packed with shops selling top designer brands. So, after your stay at the hotel you can drive away with a head full of memories and a car full of souvenirs.

The Rooms at the V8 Hotel


Love Mercedes? Spend the night in the ultimate Mercedes shrine. Credit: Frank Hoppe

While the car-activities are reason enough to visit the V8 Hotel, it’s the accommodation that makes you stay. Every room is car based, but some are a little more special than others. Take the Mercedes Suite for example: four floors of Mercedes madness, including a panoramic bathroom and sauna!

gas station

Go back in time to the 1950s and sleep in a vintage gas station. Credit: Frank Hoppe

If the Mercedes Suite is out of your budget but you still want to stay somewhere a bit special, there are plenty of other options for you. Spend a night in one of the themed rooms, from Route 66, to a drive-in cinema, and even an automatic carwash, there are lots of fun options.

Drive the Autobahn


One of the most famous road systems in Europe, the autobahn is any speed lover’s dream.

While there are many roads that motorists long to drive down in Europe (such as Route Napoléon and Col de Turini for example) there is one very famous road system that is of course, the autobahn. Rather than just one road, the autobahn is the German motorway, and stretches over the whole country, totalling about 8000 miles.

The reason why so many people want to drive these roads, is due to their lack of speed limit. German authorities insist you must drive at the recommended 80mph, but you can drive faster if you wish. It’s good to always be aware of the other drivers on the road, as it’s not uncommon for cars to zoom past you at 100mph, or faster.

So, are you eager to put the peddle to the metal? It won’t be long before you’re in Germany, the home of fast cars and precision engineering. It’s just 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais, so start planning your route now.

Top image credit: Frank Hoppe