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Fabulous ferret travel

Travelling with your ferret can be an enjoyable experience for the whole family. We have teamed up with the Heart of England Ferret Association to bring you our top 10 tips to ensure your journey is stress free.

Meet Sweep, he loves travelling with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle when he goes on holiday.

Last year we saw a record number of ferrets travel with us to Europe.  As part of the Pet Travel Scheme it is now both easy and affordable to take them along with you rather than leaving them at home.

With the right planning and some basic equipment, travelling can be a happy and safe journey for everyone.  We have got together with our friends at the Heart of England Ferret Association to give you some top tips to ensure travelling with your ferret is fun, safe and stress free.

 Light show at the Fête le Vin
Ferrets feel most comfortable in their hammocks when they travel… but don't forget to leave out plenty of water and food out too!

Top 10 travel tips:

  • Before you go on a long drive, make an appointment with your vet so they can have a general check up.  Ferrets can be very secretive when it comes to their health problems, so a check-up is an excellent way of identifying any little problems before they become big problems.
  • Before travelling, it is advised that you check your ferrets vaccinations are up to date with your local vet.  Sadly there have been a number of outbreaks of Canine Distemper which can be fatal to ferrets. 
  • Remember, to travel on the Pet Travel Scheme your ferret must be microchipped, so whilst at the vets it’s best to check it is working and everything is up to date.
  • A secure cage is the best transport option. Ferrets can escape very easily, so ensure gaps are no bigger than 1-2 cm, depending on the size of your ferret.
  • Ferrets love travelling in their hammocks, this is where they feel most comfortable.  
  • For a long trip, ensure the cage is big enough to fit a litter tray, food and water.
  • Ferrets have a short digestive system and enjoy eating through- out the day. Therefore, leave plenty of food and water out for them during the journey. 
  • Never leave your ferret in the car on a hot day. Even if it doesn’t seem particularly hot, the car can heat up from 21°c to 47°c very quickly and ferrets are particularly susceptible to heatstroke. If you need to stop when it is hot, take your ferret’s cage out of the car and try to find a shady spot.
  • Most ferrets are happy to go for ‘walkies’ on their harness, so whilst travelling, make sure you allow extra time for them to stretch their legs.
  • If your travelling with your ferret to rented accommodation, make sure they know you are bringing your ferret along as not everyone loves them the same as we do. However, there are many places that are pet friendly across Europe but it’s always best to call up and check before you head out. 

Good to know:

Ferrets make wonderful travelling companions, so don’t leave them at home, enjoy Europe together this year. Your ferret can travel for only £16 in each direction. For a smooth journey check out our PET travel scheme checklist.


For more ferret information and events visit the Heart of England Ferret Association.


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