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France’s Famous Desserts

Discover the sweet delicacies of France on your next holiday!


We all know that French cuisine is world renowned. Although some delicacies may require a slightly tougher mentality (I still haven’t quite brought myself to try frog’s legs), their desserts are to die for! 

When travelling through France, you’ll want to treat yourself to some delicious sweet treats. But with such a vast landscape, and the huge range of different desserts, you might find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed by what to try first. Fortunately, I’ve created your first-point guide to the best desserts around France. Bon appétit! 


One of the trendiest sweets of the moment, the macaron has been a part of French cuisine since the 1700s. These perfect pastel discs are ideal as a light treat after a delicious meal, or even as a sweet snack. Even though macarons are synonymous with France, they’re actually Italian in origin. Dating back to the 8th Century, Venetian monasteries were producing the original macarons. When Catherine de’ Medici came to France from Italy to marry Henry II, her pastry chefs brought them along too. 

In the 1830s, macarons started to look like the ones we know and love today; two outer shells sandwiched together with a gooey filling. There are some discrepancies over who created this iconic version of the macaron. Many people believe that it was Pierre Desfontaines of the patisserie Ladurée (who are still known for their macarons), but there are arguments that it was Claude Gerbet of Chartres. 

Jean Luc Pelé 

10-hour, 42-minute drive from Calais 

If you are visiting the stunning city of Cannes, then you must try a macaron (or two) at the delectable Jean Luc Pelé. When wandering around this French Riviera town, dip into a box of their macarons and really live the life of luxury! 

Éclair au chocolat

One of the stars of the French patisserie, the chocolate éclair remains one of the world’s most popular desserts. It’s thought that the éclair was first made by Marie-Antoine Carême, a chef to the French royal family. However, this is only speculation. Although not much is known about its heritage, our long-lasting love affair with it proves as strong as ever.

 The éclair is made of choux pastry, filled with a creamy filling and coated with the famous glistening chocolate glaze. In fact, some believe the name éclair comes from éclairage, the French word for ‘lighting’, because of its shining gleam.  

Patisserie Chez Maitre Pierre 

11-hour, 4-minute drive from Calais 

Nice is home to Patisserie Chez Maitre Pierre, creator of decadent éclairs. The great thing about an éclair? It’s perfect anytime, day or night. Whenever you have a craving, I say just indulge! 


What is a trip to France without enjoying a hot, sweet crêpe? Famed throughout the world (we even have a whole day dedicated to them), they are a staple of French cuisine. 

We all know that crêpes are magical to taste, but did you also know that they can predict your fortune? Next time you make crêpes, hold a coin in your strongest hand, and flip the crêpe with the other. If you do it successfully, your family will prosper. As if flipping crêpes didn’t create enough pressure already! 


5-hour, 56-minute drive from Calais 

Crêpes originated in Brittany, and were made as savoury snacks with buckwheat flour (which are known as galettes.) The sweet white flour crêpes that we all know and love became popular in the 20th century. When you’re next holidaying in Brittany, treat yourself to their crêpes and galettes, traditionally served with cider! 

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