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Kobee the Dog’s Guide to Germany & Austria

When it comes to being dog friendly Germany has plenty to discover. Read about Kobee the Shih Tzu’s adventures in Germany and Austria.

Looking for a new destination to holiday with your dog?  If you haven’t thought about taking your dog to Germany let Kobee the Shih Tzu inspire you with his favourite destinations in Germany and Austria.

Although Kobee the Shih Tzu may be small, he loves going on big road trip adventures with his family to Europe. Having travelled with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle a total of seven times, he’s explored countries like Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

However, it was the latter 2 countries that particularly caught his eye.  If you’re looking to take your pet’s paws further this year, find out more about Kobee’s adventures in Germany and Austria.

Nuremberg, Germany

Drive from Calais: 814.3 km / 8h 25m

medieval streets of Nuremberg

Explore the medieval streets of Nuremberg with your pet.

One of Kobee’s favourite places to visit is Nuremberg, which usually consists of a stop-off in Luxembourg for one night.  The long journey is worth it though when reaching Nuremberg, being Bavaria’s second largest city it’s both beautiful and dog-friendly. 

There are a number of very dog-friendly hotels (Kobee recommends Mövenpick Hotel Nürnberg) and plenty of outdoor seating areas. Thankfully, dogs are allowed inside some of the city’s cafes, restaurants and department stores (supermarkets are an exception), so you don’t have to leave them alone in your accommodation.  Getting around the city is easy too as dogs are also allowed to travel for free on the trams, railways and the city’s U-Bahn (underground rail system).

If you’re staying in Nuremberg for a long break, Kobee recommends a day trip from here to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  A well-preserved walled medieval town – taking your furry friend for a walk along the ramparts is not to be missed!

Zell Am See, Austria

Drive from Calais: 1,141.1 km / 11h 2m

Zell Am See

Kobee visited breathtaking Zell am see, not far from some of Austria’s mot stunning natural landscapes.

Zell Am See is a lovely little Austrian town that Kobee uses as a base staying in Eurocamp accommodation. It is ideally located to explore everything the area offers, including a highly recommended visit to Krimml Waterfalls.  Enjoy a long stroll past numerous waterfalls, making a dog walk to remember.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road offers some spectacular views too, with snow peaked mountains and a glacier at the top, sprinkled with gift shops and cafes along the way. Salzburg is another destination you can reach from here which offers a great shopping day out.


Krimml Falls

One of Kobee’s favourite dogs walks was to Krimml Falls.

Trier, Germany

Drive from Calais: 463.7 km / 4h 51m

Located near the German border, Trier is a historic and charming Roman town.  One of Trier’s most impressive sights is Porta Nigra, the largest Roman gate north to the Alps. Around town, again a lot of shops, coffee shops and restaurants allow dogs inside (but if you’re in doubt, just ask).

Kobee stays in nearby Center Parcs Bostalsee, where unlike Center Parcs in the U.K. dogs are allowed in all levels of accommodation. While dogs are not allowed in the Market Dome on-site, they are allowed in the outside seating areas of the restaurants. There are plenty of good dog walks around the site and surrounding areas.  

Koblenz, Germany

Drive from Calais: 493.5 km / 5h 6m

Kobee was joined by his brother Yuki (who was 20 weeks old at the time) for his adventure to The Rhine area of Germany.  Koblenz is the town where both the Rhine and Moselle rivers meet.  On the banks of the river you can take the cable car (there’s a small fee for a dog ticket) across the Rhine to take in the spectacular view of where these two rivers meet.  The city offers some great shopping too, dogs are allowed in most shops, restaurants and the main shopping mall.

When visiting this area Kobee usually visits the nearby Center Parcs Eifel where dogs can stay in all levels of accommodation. It is well worth a few day trips, where you can just get in the car and travel along the banks of the Rhine, as there are lots of great small places to see.

Rhine and Moselle

Kobee overlooking where the rivers Rhine and Moselle meet.

One of which is Marksburg Castle (small dogs are allowed on the tour inside if you can carry them) and the beautiful wine making town of Rüdesheim am Rhein, nothing short of stunning. Another must-see is the picturesque town of Cochem, located a short distance away and located on the banks of the Moselle River.

Although Kobee didn’t like his holiday coming to an end, coming back via Eurotunnel Le Shuttle was a breeze. Kobee stopped by the Pet Reception, located by check-in, to have Kobee's compulsory pet passport checked. We were soon out again though and heading home.

Both Kobee & Yuki cannot wait until their next adventures via Eurotunnel Le Shuttle.  Have great adventures everyone, it’s a Pawsome world out there!

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