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Lille 3000

Visit Lille 3000, a free exhibition with activities for all the family. Plan a day trip or weekend break to Lille and book your ticket with Eurotunnel today.

A Fantastic trip to Lille!

A highlight of Lille's cultural calendar, lille3000 offers a program of activities for all the family and events across the city and its surrounding areas. From October 2012 through to January 2013, lille3000 hosts Fantastic, a festival with exhibitions, urban metamorphoses, concerts, parades and over 500 events helping transform Lille into a supernatural world. What better way to showcase that Lille really is the European Capital of Culture.

After Bombaysers de Lille (2006) and Europe XXL (2009), Fantastic 2012 is all based around a fantasy world in Lille and the Eurodistrict, in public places and the different lille3000 venues (Tripostal, Gare Saint Sauveur), and in collaboration with Lille's cultural partners.

Come and discover Lille, and celebrate the arts and culture of a Modern Europe.

Opening parade

The festivities kick off on the 6th of October with Fantastic's opening parade: a dive into a marvellous, fantasy world. Surrational, a dishevelled giant creature, hovers over Lille, dressed up especially for the occasion. Don't miss the special effects and inflatable structures all part of the parade. Brass bands including more than 300 musicians and the Orchestre National de Lille will play their musical repertoire as well as a version of Ravel's Boléro. The festivities go on all night long in what promises to be a Fantastic evening of celebrations!

lille3000-opening parade

Urban metamorphoses

Discover more than 20 urban metamorphoses: a house fallen from the sky, a flying saucer greeting passengers at Lille Flanders station, and a giant creature welcoming those arriving at Lille Europe station.




Converted into an exhibition centre for Lille 2004 European Capital of Culture, Tripostal is today an iconic cultural and artistic landmark. Tripostal goes wild with the Phantasia exhibition. Transported into a surreal and fantasy world, visitors will be confronted with the supernatural, the wondrous and the strange and encounter the unexplained at every corner!

Tripostal, Lille – 06 October 2012 > 13 January 2013  

Lille3000 Exhibitions Phantasia

Fantastic Attractions

Gare Saint Sauveur station plays host to a combination of exhibitions, concerts, shows, games, films for the younger ones and much more. For Fantastic 2012, Gare Saint Sauveur is transformed into a fantastic interactive funfair.


Gare Saint Sauveur, Lille – 06 October 2012 > 13 January 2013  


The exhibition "Futurotextiles" highlights the world of textile and its amazing diversity, from fibre to woven materials, and composite textiles to non-woven fabrics.

CETI (L'Union, Tourcoing – 13 October > 30 December 2012  

Fables of the 16th Century Flemish Landscape

Bosch, Bles, Brueghel, Bril… the fables of the 16th century Flemish landscape. The second largest French museum outside Paris, the Palais des Beaux-Arts of Lille is famous for its collection of European paintings. Caught between the fantastic and the marvellous, the exhibition unveils paintings by masters of the Renaissance.


Palais des Beaux-arts – 05 October 2012 > 14 January 2013


Using the exceptional Art Deco surroundings of this former swimming pool, 200 ceramic pieces, sculptures, and live arts will be displayed: a fantastic insight into Chagall's work!

La Piscine, Roubaix - 13 October 2012 > 06 January 2013

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The lille3000 Day Pass gives you a free access to the public transport network as well as free access or concessions to a selection of exhibition and events. It's available from the Tripostal, the Gare Saint Sauveur and the Transpole's ticket office. One more reason to visit Lille and its surroundings!

One more reason to visit Lille and its surroundings!

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Only an hour and a half drive from the Eurotunnel Calais Terminal, Lille is the perfect destination for a day trip or weekend break.

From our Calais terminal, take the A16 and then the A25 motorway towards Lille. You'll be there in less than 1h30!

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