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  • The London Tube

    The London Underground (also known as the Tube or The Underground) is a fantastic way to get around London, it's easy and quick to use and stops near to all of the main London tourist attractions.

    There are a total of 12 tube lines with trains running every few minutes between 05:30-03:30 Monday to Saturday, and 07:30-11:30 on Sundays. Free tube maps are available at any underground station office and you can access free tube maps online before you go, and you'll also find tube maps posted generously on station walls.

    Link to tube map

    It is easy to use and a list of the stations is shown on the walls of every platform. Train lines are colour coded, so you can easily follow your route by colour. Passenger announcements are also made to indicate which station you are approaching

  • Travelling by taxi

    You can leave your car on the outskirts of London and take a taxi. You will find them everywhere in London, usually taking up to 5 people. You can tell if a taxi is empty and free to use if the yellow light on the top is illuminated.
    • Radio taxis : +44 (0) 020 7272 0272
    • Dial a cab : +44 (0) 020 7253 5000 dialacab.co.uk