• Long Ma, the Spirit of the Dragon-Horse

    Long Ma Calais

  • The best kept secret in Calais

    From 23 to 26 June 2016, Calais is the stage of an exceptional event, unique in Europe. Long Ma, the Spirit of the Dragon-Horse is a street show featuring two monumental mechanical creatures: Kumo the spider and Long Ma the dragon-horse, the latest in a long line of awe-inspiring shows staged regularly since 1994. This event is free of charge and intended for all audiences.

    Join in this spectacular performance, unique in Europe

    Come and join the crowd to enjoy this unique event. You will follow the creatures through the town of Calais and witness the story unravel before your eyes. The atmosphere, the magnificent sounds and special effects will blow you away. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary event. Just come for the day or take advantage of our hotel exclusive offers and make the most of your time in the area.

    The story – The stolen temple

    From the ninth level of heaven, Long Ma, a cosmic creature who is half-horse, half-dragon, watches over mankind. Kumo, the giant spider, has made off with the sacred temple of Long Ma. So the dragon-horse criss-crosses the seas and oceans seeking his lost temple. The giant spider has taken refuge in Calais, a place the creature has previously visited. It is here that she has hidden the temple. Alerted by her appearance, Long Ma arrives in the town with the intention of recovering its temple...

    Profiles of the creatures

    Long Ma the dragon-horse
    • 48 tonnes, 12 metres tall and 16 metres long.
    • Moves at 6 km/h, capable of rearing up, galloping and breathing fire.
    Long Ma the dragon-horse  

    Kumo the spider  

    Kumo the spider
    • 38 tonnes, between 6 and 13 metres tall.
    • Moves at 1.5 km/h, capable of pulling herself up and clinging to buildings.

    Created in 2004 in Beijing as part of the celebrations to mark 50 years of diplomatic ties between France and China, this event is staged by the production company La Machine, François Delarozière, the Town of Calais and the national arts centre, Le Channel.

    Long Ma Dragon-horse charging crowd

    Programme of events

    Long Ma Dragon-horse Programme

    Thursday 23 June

    (1) Channel theatre, Boulevard Gambetta At 1100/1500//1900 hours
    Kumo the spider has stolen the Temple. Long Ma makes its first appearance in Calais in the “Quartier des Cailloux”, near the Channel theatre.

    Parking 23 JuneParking Map

    Friday 24 June

    Kumo is hiding, Long Ma is on its way. Whatever happens next, make your way to the “Hôtel de Ville” (Town Hall)

    (1) Channel theatre, Boulevard Gambetta, 1400 hours
    The ground of Boulevard Gambetta and La Fayette will shake under the weight of the creatures…

    (2) Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall), 1600 hours
    The creatures hunt for each other.

    (4) Place Crèvecoeur, 1800 hours
    Just follow the crowd at Place Crèvecoeur and you will find the creatures.

    (5) & (6) Place d’Armes et Norvège, 2200 hours
    Will Long Ma and Kumo find each other to do battle in the maze of Calais streets…

    Parking 24 JuneParking Map

    Saturday 25 June

    (3) Bassin Ouest, 1200 hours

    (5) Place d'Armes, 1200 hours

    (3) Bassin Ouest, 1630 hours

    (7) Eglise Notre Dame, 1630 hours

    (2) Hôtel de Ville, 2200 hours

    Parking 25 JuneParking Map

    Sunday 26 June

    (2) Hôtel de Ville, 1100 hours

    (3) Bassin Ouest, 1100 hours

    Final performance, 1700 hours

    (8) Beach

    (3) Bassin Ouest

    Parking 26 JuneParking Map

    Supporting event

    Extraordinary machines exhibition

    Thursday 23 June to 1 November 2016. Exhibition of the machines created by François Delarozière, at the Museum of Fine Arts

    Musée des beaux-arts de Calais
    25 rue Richelieu
    62100 Calais
    Tel 00 33 (0)3 21 46 48 40

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    Useful information

    Several car parks are available. See maps above for each day.

    Le Channel, scène nationale de Calais
    173 Boulevard Gambetta, 62102 Calais

    For more info on the Long Ma show, visit: