Mother's Day Travel Hacks

If you're planning a family break this Mother's Day, be sure to follow my top tips for a happy drive.

Scenic break

Travelling back to France with my family to celebrate Mother's day is one of the highlights of my year, and everyone always looks forward to the drive down. Through trial and error, we've managed to hone our ability to travel quickly and easily. To help make your journey a breeze so that you can fully enjoy your Mother's Day, I've put together a list of all of my top tips for family drives. From keeping the car tidy to making sure everyone's happy, these tips will get you from A to B without any fuss.

Hydrate without the faff

If your car is no stranger to the occasional spillage, a great way of keeping everything dry for the length of journey is by investing in foldable sports-capped bottles. As well as reducing the risk of spillage, they also fold up neatly, meaning you'll have plenty of extra room for the rest of your travel necessities.

Rubbish bags and cereal boxes

Snacks are a necessary part of any long drive, so to help keep your car tidy, grab an old cereal container for the drive. These neat little boxes can be used as miniature bins for your car, making the tidy up a breeze.

Stop for a scenic bite with your packed snacks
Stop for a scenic bite with your packed snacks

Re-use your old sheets

To keep your seats in pristine condition, grab one of your old bed sheets and wrap it over the back seats. From biscuits crumbs to coffee spills, the shabby, forgotten sheets will bear the brunt of any accidents.

Take scenic breaks

To keep everyone entertained and to stop anyone feeling lethargic, be sure to take plenty of breaks throughout your journey. Some of the most beautiful locations can be found during a drive through Europe, so make the most of your time out on the road by exploring with your family.

Get a shoe organiser

Have your kids ever struggled to find the toys they want during a long drive? To make life easier, whenever we hit the road, I tend to bring out my old shoe organisers and hang them on the back of the front car seats. The little pockets work perfectly as dividers for toys, crayons and books, making it so much easier and stress-free for your little ones to find what they want, when they want.

Keep a cooler on-board

For fresh sandwiches and cold water, pack a cooler full of goodies into the boot of your car. And, if you layer the base of your cooler box with ice cubes, everything you eat will be refreshingly chilled by the time you arrive at your destination.

Feeling prepared?

If my tips for an easy journey this Mother's Day have got you raring to go, be sure to check out Eurotunnel Le Shuttle for your ticket across the Channel. Combining my advice with a quick 35-minute journey from the France to the UK, will allow you to fully enjoy your Mother's Day break.

About the Author

I love to travel and after taking a gap year travelling further afield after university I still want to explore as much as possible. Europe will be my next adventure but having visited capital cities I'm now more interested in hidden gems and cultural hotspots. With France just 35 minutes away, travelling by car is a new and exciting way to travel for me!