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Parc Astérix

There is fun for all the family at one of France’s most popular theme parks, just 2 ½ hours drive from our Calais terminal. Astérix and co can’t wait to meet you and your little Gauls!

Inspired by the comic book series and animated films following the adventures of Astérix and his band of ‘indomitable Gauls’, Parc Astérix is one of France’s most popular theme parks. 

These are the ‘Vitalstatistix’ about Parc Astérix: 50 attractions set across six unique worlds, from Gaul to the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece to the Vikings. There is fun for all the family, from adrenaline-fuelled rollercoasters to gentle rides for smaller children, as well as shows, parades and the chance to meet the Astérix characters.

Where is Parc Astérix?

Parc Astérix is in the Hauts-de-France region, around 35km north of Paris. Other nearby places of interest include Château de Chantilly (20km away).

Driving to Parc Astérix from Calais

It takes around 2½ hours to drive to Parc Astérix from our terminal in Calais. Take the A16 out of Calais, the A26 towards Saint-Omer and Arras and then the A1 to Paris. Take the direct exit for Parc Astérix between exits 7 and 8. 

Car parking is not included in your admission ticket. Check the Parc Astérix website for up-to-date charges.

People dressed up as comic book characters with two children in a theme park
You are guaranteed a warm welcome by Astérix and Obelix!

Parc Astérix tickets

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Planning your trip

Parc Astérix is not open all year round. In 2023 the park is open every day from early April to early September, 10am to 7pm, and then at weekends for the rest of the year. The park is also open every day during school holidays in October and November and at Christmas.

During the Gallic Summer period (mid-July to early September) the park has extended opening hours from 10am to 10pm. Check the Parc Astérix opening hours for full details.

A thatched theme park building
Astérix fans will be delighted by the familiar scenes from the village of indomitable Gauls

Rides for thrill-seekers

Parc Astérix roller coasters are legendary. Some are record-breaking, and some, like Oziris and Tonnerre 2 Zeus, are not for the faint-hearted! Check the height rules for children before starting to queue for any of these coasters. 

A family of four having fun on a roller coaster at a theme park
The roller coasters at Park Astérix are some of the best in France


Toutatis is the latest and greatest of the roller coasters at Parc Astérix. Toutatis the coaster is as big as the god the Gauls and Celts swear by, and at 51m high and a top speed of 110 km/h it will be the tallest and fastest coaster in France! 

The coaster is the centre point of the new Toutatis Festival area of the park. Here you will also find a children’s playground, a shop and restaurant and Chez Gyrofolix – more on that later! 

Tonnerre 2 Zeus

Newly opened in 2022, Tonnerre 2 Zeus is the upgraded version of the park’s famous wooden roller coaster, with even more thrills and sensations under the towering statue of Zeus. 

Strap your little Gauls in (as long as they’re over 1.3m tall!) for two high speed bends, a tunnel full of smoke and strobe effects, and a new top speed of 90 km/h. The last two wagons are positioned backwards to allow a full hair-raising experience!

La Trace du Hourra

In the ever popular Gaul zone, La Trace du Hourra is a roller coaster bobsleigh ride for all the family. You travel for 900 metres at 60 km/h around bends, spirals and a mammoth double tusk section. Little Gauls can go on this one, which is the second longest bobsled coaster in Europe, and one of the highest and fastest in the world.


One of the park’s original roller coasters when it opened in 1989, Goudurix is a seven looper Big Dipper that seasoned adrenaline junkies will love! Located in the Viking area, Goudurix features a dizzying range of elements, including a batwing, a butterfly, a vertical loop and a corkscrew. The coaster runs at 90 km/h and offers amazing views of the park – if, that is, you can keep your eyes open amid all the loop the loops!  

Le Cheval de Troie

An attraction at a theme park
Swing high on la Cheval de Troie

Located in the Greece area,  this ride is inspired by the legendary Trojan horse used by the ancient Greeks in the Siege of Troy. There is no deception here, however – Le Cheval de Troie will leave you in no doubt that your stomach is churning! Take your seat and hold tight as the carriage swings higher and higher, giving ever more thrilling ups and downs until it hovers at 12m above the ground, and finally makes its descent.

Fun for all the family

Chez Gyrofolix

Chez Gyrofolix is a gigantic four-armed seesaw in which even little Gauls can take an exciting trip. Sit in the pods at the end of each arm and go up and down and round and round, as the giant gyroscope rotates on its axis. Get awesome views of the new Toutatis area too! 

Les Chaudrons

Falling into a cauldron isn’t usually much fun, but at Parc Astérix things are different. The magic potion that gives indomitable Gauls their super strength is brewed up in a cauldron like this, and as you get buffeted around your symptoms will be light-headedness, fits of the giggles and screams of delight! 

La Petite Tempête

Stormy weather is forecast for this gentle circular ride which all the family can take. Your little boat will be tossed around as it spins its way through the stormy seas. You will find  La Petite Tempête in the area of the Gauls. Children need to be 90cm tall to be allowed onto this ride when accompanied by an adult. 

A family of four walking in a theme park in an ancient Egyptian themed area
Ancient Egypt is one of the six themed areas in Park Astérix

Shows & parades

All the shows and parades at Parc Astérix are included in the price of your ticket. 

Gaulois - Romains: Le Match

In this 25-minute theatrical and acrobatic show, indomitable Gauls and all-conquering (usually) Romans go head to head in three physical trials. The outcome will decide the fate of the Gaulish village of Astérix and co. 

Les offrandes de Cléopâtre

‘The offerings of Cleopatra’ is an 8-minute outdoor show that takes place in the Ancient Egypt area. Cleopatra pleads with Oziris – the god, not the roller coaster – to send her people water after a terrible drought. 

Du Rififi dans la basse-cour

‘Rififi in the barnyard’ tells the tale of a Roman soldier who finds himself catapulted into the Gaulish village of Astérix and Obelix, and how he makes friends with all the animals in the barnyard. This 20-minute show makes for a lovely break from all the action in the area of the Gauls, more or less in the centre of the whole park.

The Toutatis Festival

To celebrate the opening of the Toutatis roller coaster in spring 2023, Parc Astérix is hosting the Toutatis festival. There will be lots of things happening in the new Toutatis zone, which you will find in the Gaul area of the park. As well as the coaster and Chez Gyrofolix, you will find the park’s largest kids’ playground, a restaurant and Toutatis themed shop. ‘By Toutatis’ it will be good! 

Where to stay

There are three hotels in Parc Astérix, each with a distinctive theme related to Astérix, history or days gone by. All are within easy walking distance from the attractions and include free parking. You could easily bump into an Astérix character or two during your stay. Best of all, hotel guests can enjoy the park 30 minutes before everyone else!

Les Quais de Lutèce Hotel

The Quays of Lutèce will transport you back to the days of Roman Paris. The city was then known as Lutèce, and this award-winning 4-star hotel has been designed to look like a riverside scene from those times, its timber framed buildings teeming with trade and entertainment. Dine in the restaurant Berges de Seine for added authenticity!

La Cite Suspendue Hotel: one world, three universes

‘The Hanging City’ is a forest hotel suspended above the ground, reflecting the Celtic people’s veneration for trees and nature. This is something of a magical place, nestled in a forest with elevated walkways and modern rooms on stilts. Stylish and comfortable rooms await you in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The Hotel Les Trois Hiboux, in the heart of the forest

Tucked away in the forest near the park, the ‘Three Owls’ is a modern hotel with a rustic style, perfect for quiet family time. Rooms are decorated with natural themes and there is a children’s playroom, games room, lounge bar serving platters and buffet restaurant.

Read more about the hotels of Parc Astérix.

A statue of a large comic book character throwing a discus in front of a theme park attraction
Gaul in Gaul, it’s a great day out!

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Image credits: @Sylvain Cambon

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