Le Grand Bleu Restaurant

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France is famous for its delicately prepared and inventive cuisine, and the Grand Bleu brings you just that!

One of the best restaurants on the Opal Coast

Located opposite Calais harbour, you can enjoy fresh produce, often organic and cooked with a touch of originality.

France is famous for its delicately prepared and inventive cuisine and the Grand Bleu brings you just that! Mathieu Colin, although still young, is an accomplished chef.

After completing his studies in Calais, Mathieu joined the Ducasse Group (Alain Ducasse is one of the most acclaimed chefs in the world) where he soon became assistant Chef. He then moved on to a famous Parisian restaurant called "Le Pavillon Ledoyen", located down the Champs Élysées; employed as trainee chef, he soon became second in charge and a year later Head Chef.

Le Grand Bleu Restaurant  

Forward thinking by nature, Mathieu Colin is always seeking innovative recipes. Mathieu and his wife Cindy would like to welcome you to the Grand Bleu and delight your taste buds in pleasant surroundings...

Getting there and around

Located opposite Calais harbour, just 15 minutes from the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle's Calais Terminal.

Le Grand Bleu restaurant
Quai de la Colonne (Facing the inner harbour)
8 Rue Jean-Pierre Avron
62100 CALAIS

Tel: +33 (0) 3 21 97 97 98


Closed on Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening and Sunday evening

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