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Second Home in France

Explore the options of buying a second home in France with Eurotunnel. Read our brief guide and book your tickets online today with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle.

Your dream French property could be waiting for you...

France is one of the most popular places for Britons to buy a second home. Not only because France is our closest continental neighbour, but also because of the culture and lifestyle the country has to offer. Whether your dream holiday home is a chic apartment in the city, a cosy cottage by the sea, or a rustic country lodge, France's diverse property market is bound to have just what you're looking for.

With two decades of experience in building a happy relationship with both England and France, we have used our expert knowledge to bring you some of the highlights from the most popular French regions to help you buy a second home.


With beautiful stretches of sandy beaches, hidden coves and a relaxed pace of life, if you're looking for an idyllic coastal retreat, look no further then Normandy. This area of Northern France is not only much more affordable than the South of France, you will also avoid the hordes of tourists and it's much safer. For this reason, Normandy is incredibly popular with French holidaymakers, and increasingly with Parisians. It is also a firm favourite with English tourists, which opens up great opportunities to rent your property out for holiday lettings in the months that you aren't there.

Second Home in France


If you're looking for a slice of genuine 'Old France' then you will instantly fall in love with this region. Remote, rural and dotted with charming stone houses, Limousin has a universal appeal with the English. This could have something to do with the lush green countryside, reminiscent of the landscape at home. The region is centred around Limoges, a charming city and the capital of this part of west-central France. Property in Limousin is generally fantastic value for money, and it is often counted amongst the top property investment destinations around the world.


Second Home in France

The picturesque rolling French countryside has set this region apart as a favourite amongst Britons. The Dordogne tends to be the most popular area and higher prices reflect the demand here. Neighbouring Lot-et-Garonne, however, is less well known, but just as beautiful, which means that you can get more for your money. Retaining its authentically French character, Lot-et-Garonne boasts quaint village houses set against a scenic country backdrop. This region of France is also home to the world famous wine region, Bordeaux. So if you fancy wine tasting, here is just the right place for you.

The Cities

If rural life doesn't appeal to you, there is sure to be a French city that will, whether you have romantic dreams of a Parisian apartment overlooking the Seine, fantasise about a place of your own in the gastronomic capital Lyon, or long for the glitz and glamour of cultural Marseille. Each with their own unique character, the cities of France have it all to experience and enjoy during your stay.

Second Home in France

Discover France

All that's left is to explore France for yourself. So jump in your car and head over on the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle. After all it only takes just 35 minutes to cross the Channel, so you will be on your way to finding your dream second home in no time!

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