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Take a Trip to the HARIBO Museum!

The HARIBO Museum in the south of France is a great day out for kids and anyone with a sweet tooth!

Whoever said that sweets were just for children? If you’re anything like me, you occasionally need that sweet fix! And as someone who spends a lot of time driving on holiday, I always need some HARIBO in the glovebox to nibble on. I’m such a fan, I was thrilled to discover that HARIBO have their very own museum in France!

It’s a nine-hour drive from Calais, located in Pont des Charrettes in the south of the country. It’s the perfect location if you’re planning a holiday in Montpellier or Marseille, as it’s just over an hour’s drive.

So, what can you expect from a trip to Le Musée du Bonbon?

The History of HARIBO

HARIBO museum

The HARIBO museum is full of exciting activities and information

HARIBO is such a staple in all candy lovers’ lives, that it can be hard to imagine a time before it existed! In fact, when you visit, you’ll discover that its origins go all the way back to 1862. It wasn’t until 1987 that the iconic Haribo Ricqlès Zan brand was created, and our favourite sweets began to fill up the supermarket shelves!


We’re all familiar with the little boy on the front of HARIBO packets of sweets. But where did it all start for HARIBO? I don’t know if it’s the nostalgic soul in me, or my love of all things artistic, I was so happy to learn that there’s a whole section on vintage HARIBO adverts, including their first TV advert from all the way back in 1962!

How is HARIBO Made?

HARIBO museum

Just how do they manage to make HARIBO so delicious? This is the place to find out!

Obviously, we all want to know just how our favourite sweets are made. And at Le Musée du Bonbon you won’t be disappointed! From the Machine Room, to discovering the ingredients used to create the delicious sugary snacks, you’ll be a verified HARIBO expert in no time.

It’s Not All About the Sweets!

Although sweets and HARIBO are obviously the main part of the museum, that doesn’t mean that it’s all that you get to see! There is a wonderful section on the iconic French posters, created by Toulouse-Lautrec and Leonetto Cappiello. Be warned - you can lose a lot of time in this section! The posters are really beautiful.

Shop ‘til You Drop

HARIBO museum

This is the best place to pick up all your favourite HARIBO sweets- and even some that you’ve not tried before!

As you can imagine, there is a fantastic sweet shop at Le Musée du Bonbon. It’s not just the HARIBO sweets that you’re used to seeing in your local store – there’s a whole section of yummy imported goodies. What new flavours will you discover?

Are you excited to head off on a candy-fuelled adventure? The delicious treats and fascinating story of HARIBO are waiting for you!

Indulge your sweet tooth with LeShuttle. It only takes 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais. What delicious treats will you take home? 


Photo Credits: le Musée du Bonbon HARIBO