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The Best Music Venues in Europe

On the road and want to listen to some tunes? Check out our guide to our favourite music venues in France, Belgium and Amsterdam!


It’s not just Paris that has the best music venues in France! There are lots of different spots away from the capital that host brilliant bands, and cultural highlights.

Palais Nikaia

Palais Nikaia is a striking bird-like venue, in the Nice Riviera. Credit : Renzo Giusti

Under the perfect blue sky, on the palm-tree-lined streets of Nice, you can find the 9000 capacity Palais Nikaia. It has hosted bands such as Depeche Mode, as well as comedy and theatre shows. As it is located so close to the sea, the architects designed the hall to look like a magnificent bird, stretching its wings.

Opening in 2001, it’s unique as it’s located right next door to Stade Charles-Ehrmann, adjoined with a sliding glass door. So, for huge concerts of 50,000 or more, the two can comfortably host.

Le Chabada

John Cale performing at the cultural epicentre of Angers, Le Chabada. Credit : Simon Bonaventure

Based in an old slaughterhouse, Le Chabada is the cultural beating heart of Angers. For over a decade it has supported local artists, and hosted concerts featuring a variety of genres. They also run musical workshops, conferences and educational concerts, all with the aim to promote music in the local area.

The Netherlands

Venture further from France, to Amsterdam. The Netherlands may not be the first place you think of when you’re looking for great music venues, but don’t be put off by first impressions!


The beautiful Concertgebouw is perfect for any classical music fan, or anyone who just wants to chill in a beautiful setting! Credit : Lydia z Opilik

Concertgebouw is slightly different to the French venues, as its construction began in 1883, and it has been bestowed the honorary title of ‘Koninklijk’ on its 125th anniversary by Queen Beatrix, which is the equivalent to an English Royal Warrant. You can go behind the scenes of the concert hall, and discover the secrets to its long and influential history.

For classical music fans, this is the perfect place to visit, to hear the great sounds of Beethoven and Mozart. Even if you’re not a huge classical music fan, there’s no better place to start your musical journey. Or, just stop by for delicious cake and coffee in the café.


It’s not just chocolates and cobbled streets that make Belgium a great place to visit. It’s got a great cultural scene too, that people travel from far and wide to visit.

The Roma

The Roma is an iconic part of Antwerp, and of the Belgium music scene. Credit : Paulien Verlackt

For a music venue with a twist, The Roma is a must-visit. It sits in the Moroccan suburb, in a 1920s cinema. During the week (Monday-Wednesday), head there to see vintage films played on the big screen, but for the rest of the week, it becomes a foot-stomping concert venue.

Since the 1970s, huge stars have been queuing up to play The Roma. Artists like Iggy Pop and Paul McCartney have taken to the stage, so when you visit here you’ll definitely be seeing a part of musical history. Learn more European music facts that could also serve as a source of inspiration for destinations to visit.

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Top image Credit: Jordi Huisman

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