The Most Exciting Extreme Sports in Europe

If you’re an adrenaline junky, check out these exciting destinations for extreme sports in Europe.

Canyoning is real test of strength and fitness

If you're anything like me, you will love getting out and about, and being active amongst nature; anything that gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing. And with Europe right on our doorstep, especially with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle 's super-fast 35-minute crossing time, it is so incredibly easy to explore new, varied landscapes in search of your next adventure. Whether you want to climb to the top of impressive peaks, venture into the mysterious bowels of the Earth, or go for a high-speed thrill ride, you will have no trouble finding the most exciting extreme sports in Europe to get your kicks! To get you inspired for adventure, take a look at some of my favourite activities to try out when you're next on the continent.


For one of the most physically challenging experiences of your life, take on one of Europe's great canyoning routes. Canyoning is essentially traversing rivers and canyons by any means possible. That may include climbing, abseiling, swimming, scrambling and definitely a fair old bit of walking. Canyoning is a demanding sport, but so rewarding as you often get to explore areas that are otherwise inaccessible to people.

Northern Italy, with all its natural lakes and mountain, offers some great canyoning terrain for the intrepid adventurer. So why not take a longer road trip, and head to Lake Garda, where you will find rushing waterfalls, sheer cliff faces and some truly spectacular views to set the scene.

Cave Diving

If you've already mastered the art of scuba diving in the ocean blue, perhaps it's time for a new challenge. Take on the eerie, dark depths of one of Europe's many underwater caves for a diving experience you will never forget. Discover a whole new world, seen by a mere handful of people in history, as you explore hidden tunnels, subterranean rivers and lakes, and marvel at impressive stalactites.

Explore an underwater world with a cave diving exhibition
Explore an underwater world with a cave diving exhibition

The Dordogne area of France is renowned for having some of the best cave diving sites in all of Europe, if not the world. The Dordogne, Lot and Céle rivers offer plenty of opportunities, as well as some of the longest 'siphons' on the continent, and big, clear-water chambers.

White Water Rafting

Some people naturally feel more comfortable on the water than they do on land, and if you're just such a person, why not step it up a gear. Try your hand at white water rafting, and take on the sheer raw power of fast flowing river rapids. There are few things that will test your mettle quite like racing down a river at high velocity, taking sharp corners and negotiating small waterfalls.

White water rafting in the Alps
White water rafting in the Alps

If this sounds like the kind of thrill you've been looking for, then your best bet for fast flowing water is to head to the Alps. During the spring, as all the ice starts to melt quickly, the rivers rapidly fill up creating quite a torrent. For some of the most breathtaking settings for white water rafting, I recommend a trip to Switzerland.

For all you extreme sports fans out there, you will no doubt find travelling abroad with all your equipment and gear can be somewhat challenging. So take the stress out of the first stages of your holiday, and drive over to Europe. With Eurotunnel Le Shuttle , there are no baggage restrictions, so feel free to load up your car with as much stuff as you want. It even gives you the freedom to coincide it with the very best weather and lighting conditions for your extreme sport of choice!