Top 3 golf courses in Europe

With beautiful scenery and challenging courses, Europe has some of the best golf courses in the world. Here are our top three.

When it comes to playing golf, for me, everything has to be perfect; from the direction of the wind, to using the right club, I try to leave nothing to chance. That's why I often enjoy the 35-minute journey with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle to France, as Europe has some of the best golf courses in the world, giving me the best chance of scoring the odd birdie. Here, I've put together a list of my top three golf courses in Europe, all of which are just a beautiful, scenic drive from the Calais terminal. So, take a look and picture yourself scoring the perfect score!

Golf de Morfontaine, France.

Established in 1913 by the Duke of Guiche, Armand de Gramont, Golf de Morfontaine is one of my favourite golf courses in the whole of Europe - taking just over four-hours to get to from the Calais terminal. Originally home to just a nine-hole course, it was developed into an impressive 18-hole course by the architect Kyle Phillips, providing golfing enthusiasts with a true challenge. However, the nine-hole course is said to require the most strategy of the two, despite only being short.

As well as offering you a great opportunity to test your golfing ability, the two courses overlook a stunning forest, making it the perfect setting for a bit of summer fun. Not only that, but just a 24-minute drive away is the beautiful city of Chantilly, in Oise. Take the time to explore the mesmerising Château Chantilly, and its amazing collection of art in the Musée Condé.

Take on the 9-hole or the 18-hole at Golf de Morfontaine, France.
Take on the 9-hole or the 18-hole at Golf de Morfontaine, France. Credit:

Royal Zoute, Belgium.

The Royal Zoute golf course in Belgium takes just one-hour and 40-minutes to get to from Calais, making it the easiest to get to of our top three. Located amongst a wild landscape of pine and silver birch trees, this luxury retreat offers golfers the opportunity to tackle two different 18-hole courses, the L'Intérieur and L'Extérieur. The two courses range in difficulty, especially during high winds, providing you with the chance to put to play some serious, strategical thinking, making your games all the more interesting.

As well as a luxury clubhouse and hotel, the course also provides lessons, with golfers learning top tips from some of Europe's number one professional players, such as François Gabias, Robert Snauwert and Valérie Van Ryckeghem. They're bound to help you avoid any unwanted bogeys!

The course at The Royal Zoute, Belgium.
The course at The Royal Zoute, Belgium. Credit: RZGC

Domaine Impérial, Swizterland.

Domaine Imperial is said to be the best golf course in Switzerland, and it is a truly challenging course that is sure to test even the best of golfers' abilities. To get there, all you have to do is follow the A1, along some of the most scenic parts of Europe, making sure to take plenty of pit-stops during the six-hour 50-minute drive.

Designed by architect Peter Dye, this 18-hole course is made up of vibrant rolling green mounds, sandy dunes and masses of beautiful trees, as well as a white castle-like clubhouse that you're bound to love. The dunes and hills will make it slightly tricky to score the birdie you wanted, but with a little patience and some planning, you're sure to avoid a bogey.

Once you've finished the 18-holes, take the time to explore the nearby Lake Geneva, a gorgeous place to visit on a sunny day, especially if you're keen on an afternoon of water sports!

Luscious greens at Domaine Impérial.
Luscious greens at Domaine Impérial. Credit: ps_roadrunner

If you fancy making the journey to one of these top three golfing courses, then take advantage of the 35-minute journey with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle today. Also, with no baggage limits, you can carry all the golfing equipment you could ever need!